Thursday, December 1, 2011

HULK #296 (Rom appearance) re-paneled & my latest find at the $1 bins

Let me tell ya folks, try doing a re-paneling for once in your life and you will see things in the original art you've never noticed before even if you've looked at it a million times. Not only that but rather the original art was from an artist you liked or didn't like so much I can all but guarantee you'll develop some degree of a new sense of appreciation for it. To see more re-paneled published comic book art go to:

If you remember Marvel Age then you know this was basically newsletter type publication that among other things listed up coming Marvel and Marvel related publications hitting the stands in the next month or two. I had only learned recently that issue #27 (1985) had ROM among the collection of superheroes featured on the cover. So when I saw it a few days ago in a $1 bin I decided to grab it for obvious reasons. At the tail end of the ROM #68 listing take special note of the cover price which is among many reasons why I miss the 80's.


  1. David King - I got this issue.

    Perfect, class in comic book form.

  2. the HULK or the Marvel Age issue? good ta see you mate!

  3. yeah for us 65 cents was a buck in our currency, which was fine and greatly missed. Oh the 80's - how can we all get back there? Great idea on the re-panel too Dave, nice work!

  4. i'm glad ya asked mate. part of it is how things in general are more expensive these days but i think a big part of it is the paper quality. as someone who has worked for many years in the print industry i can tell you that makes a big difference. it's not that i want them to go back to a high quality newsprint paper like in the 80's but the kind of stock that Marvel and DC were mostly using in the mid to late 90's was fine with me. the New Justice League series is a good example of that. at $4 a copy (here anyways) you can bet part of that cover price is because of the high end glossy stock they use. because it's not like that book is more then 20 pgs of reading! so much for drawing the line at $2.99. those buggers!