Sunday, March 8, 2015

ROM vs The Brood, the full picture

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So here it is, the completed ROM vs The Brood sketch art. Didn't think I'd get to it this soon a couple of weeks ago the idea of finishing this felt like such a chore. But sometimes when the time is right what felt like a drag before becomes a slam dunk.

And continuing the ROM cover easter eggs on the big screen from the last posting here's the first time I've ever come across a Robocop review video on youtube that calls out the various ROM covers (as well as a copy of Iron Man) spotted during the liquor store hold up scene which we see at the 2:50 mark . . .

Sunday, February 22, 2015

ROM spaceknight vs The Brood

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This actually isn't finished it's a horizontal drawing. But I just don't have the time right now to finish this Sunday afternoon sketch today because as it is I should have used this time to get some studying done and or get to my fucken taxes. With everything that's going on right now I just needed a mental break and sometimes putting pen or pencil to paper does the trick. Nothing new or exciting since my last posting as far as ROM related stuff goes. None of the fan art I've seen had me saying "wow" to myself and even though some new videos have turned up it's nothing we haven't heard or seen before. They were a lot of the  . . "ROM was a Parker Brothers doll . . . the comic outlasted the toy (insert commonly found clip). . . Marvel lost the rights to the character (insert more commonly found clip) . . .and  . . huh . . zzzzzzzz..zzzzz . .zzzzz".

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Feb. 25th update: Big thanks to Gary Martin Jr. who sent me these screen shots and the following quote today . . .
"The Oscar has been awarded, the Blu-ray released, and we now have our best look at The Torpedo's treatment in the movie Big Hero 6.  While they couldn't give us a closeup on the display suit's helmet, I was surprised to notice on the latest viewing that ROM-related back story comic Marvel Premiere #39 appears prominently!"

On a side note I wanted to remind you all that the cover of ROM spaceknight 26 makes a brief appearance in an opening scene in Tron Legacy. Just this past Valentines Day Weekend I was in Santa Cruz and visited the comic shop from a scene in The Lost Boys where we catch a glimpse of ROM Annual 2.

Lost Boys comic shop scene at the 53 second mark
TRON Legacy opening scene at the 20 second mark

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The kind of fan art I was afraid I'd never find again

Fan art by Zo Pontz
Got time for just a quickie posting tonight. The last time I found any fan art from another artist I felt that was worth posting was around Fall of last year. This guy has a good grip on figure composition his art doesn't look amateurish at all. And unlike almost all the ROM related fan art that's turned up in recent months this guy actually puts ROM in an interesting and imaginative scene along with these street level Marvel characters. Most of the time lately it's pretty passe stuff with ROM just standing around or floating in space by himself with his neutrilizer.

Feb. 10th Update: Here's some new ROM cosplay that's recently turned up that's worth having a look at. My good friend Dan W. beat me to the punch as far as posting it : )

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Ya know when nothing good comes my way in terms of good ROM related fan art for a while I get kinda antzy and just say to my self what the Hell I'll just do something myself. If I had the time I would do a series of fan art pieces that have ROM making some sort of current pop culture one liner as seen in the previous posting. Unfortunately I'm going to be having a lot less free time starting next week as I embark on a new routine with work and such matters which will force me to curb my time on the internet. Anyways, for the time being I hope you all like this latest fan art, it's loosely based on Marvel Two-In-One issue 99 so it's something of a homage piece.

I know you've all seen the digital fan art above but when I by chance came across this Saturday morning NBC cartoon house ad in one of the Crsytar back issues I recently read I just wanted to put em together in a posting.

Posted July 2009 on The Sanctum Sanctorum blog
Jan. 30th Update: By chance I just stumbled across this little known ROM related Easter Egg hiding in plain sight for nearly 6 years now. There's a certain irony here I happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area which is hippie dip shit central and I just finished my first week of a 12 week CDL (commercial drivers license) class course.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why our pal Sal left ROM in his words

Greatest and smoothest of The Spaceknights
So just yesterday I bought online from TwoMorrows Publishing a copy of BACK ISSUE #32 (last posting) but unfortunately #16 was only available in digital format. The reason why I wanted that one too was because of another great article it had with Sal Buscema and Jackson Guice in which we find out in Sal's own words why he left ROM which was a tragic moment in the anals . .oh wait I meant to say annals of Marvel 80s history . . .

Back Issue mag. #16
You can read more of the article here . . .

Jan. 27 Update: Just got my copy of BACK ISSUE #32 in the mail this past weekend and it's a real humdinger! There's much more in the article then what you see in the online preview and worth every penny since it only cost me  just a bit over $8 with A+H and tax. This issue is a must have for ROM, Bill, Sal and Al Milgrom fans here's an excerpt from my published copy.

Back Issue mag. #32

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lesser known licensed properties of the 80s

A big thanks to Michael Mantlo for sending me this photo from this weekend's visit to Bill. As you can see I sent a copy of my ROM Micronauts holiday fan art to Michael just in time for him to have it for what was then the upcoming visit to Bill. It's so cool to think that the same guy who wrote the entire ROM series along with so much other great stuff for Marvel during the 80s is enjoying something I drew that's based on his prolific career. As you all know Bill had a knack for writing comics based on toy lines but let's have a look at a couple of toy based titles Bill didn't write that are worth having a second look at . . .

Another big thanks to the lovely and ever charming Randomnerd for loaning me her Crystar series. I've already read the issues I used to have and it's been a real joy reading them now as opposed to when I kinda sorta did in my early teens. They're actually pretty well written and ofcourse in general it's great to now be able to read all 11 issues of the series. Written by Jo Duffy by the way, you all should know of her aside from her career in Marvel Comics I've also posted about her here because of her editing work on ROM spaceknight.

And on the same day I got Random's Crystar collection so also arrived the 3 issue mini-series of The Power Lords from ebay. Ever since I coincidentally found issue one at a flee market last summer I've been wanting to read the other two issues again.  Back in the day (1983) I used to have issues 2 and 3 and shortly there after as a random gift selection my mother had gotten me a few of the figures for X-Mas. I think as far as the comic goes the big selling point for me back then was the inherent intriguing visual nature of the characters which I think Mark Texiera's dynamic pencils really brought out the best off.

In terms of the story and dialogue it was largely what one might expect from a toy based mini-series of the early to mid 80s but it wasn't a bad read in the here and now and it still brought back some good memories. But at the same time I think Mantlo and Duffy would have done more justice to it. The Power Lords franchise has earned a place in the 80s vintage toy arena despite it having been some what less then a success back then but like with Crystar I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for them.

Jan. 12 update: Gary, I don't know how you find this stuff! What a fantastic article this 2009 #32 of Back Issue magazine has about the Al Milgrom alternate ROM #1 cover art as well as on Bill Mantlo and the business of comic book titles based on licensed properties. So now we know where that "mock up" in my Jan. 1st posting came from.You can read a digital copy online at the link below . . .

But here's just a sample to whet your appetite . . .

But regardless of which cover you prefer thank the Gods of Galador the cover art for ROM #1 was never this version it almost makes the cover art for the ROM remix project look good . . .

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hollywood heavy hitter talks ROM

James Gunn
Ok so last night after I dragged my ass home from work I jumped on my computer which was just supposed to be a quick night cap sorta thing before I hit the sack. Well that plan pretty much went to Hell thanks to the emails waiting for me by Gary Martin Jr. and johnmiic. It appears that James Gunn, the director of the highly successful Guardians of the Galaxy movie is something of a ROM fan he was recently quoted with the following
"Listen, I really love Rom: Spaceknights, as everyone at Marvel knows because they've me Rom stuff . . . but we don't own Rom. I would love for Rom: Spackenight to show up because I love his story, I love the way he looks, I love everything about him . . ."
Gunn went on to express in hypothetical terms a strong interest in the use of ROM for the big screen. Now, one might think that a heavy hitter like Gunn giving some serious props to the big silver guy might get the attention of the morons at hasbro right? mmmm . . . yeah . . well I guess hasbro has bigger plans for ROM I heard they'll be unveiling they're highly awaited ROM bobblehead at the 2015 Comic-Con in San Diego. Anyways, as far as Gunn and ROM go you can read the full article here  . . .