Sunday, January 16, 2011

The lame ass "spaceknights" of the Annihilation Wave saga can blow me!

So finally I got a hold of the entire Annihilation Wave series thanks to a friend I was hanging out with today. For over a year now, I've had nothing but what the redundant crap that the internet has had to offer of the Spaceknight's role in the story line which as we all know was quite scant. But now that I've had a chance to review it not only was it scant, but it was fucken lame too. So get ready boys n girls cause I'm about to go off!
So what you see here above is pretty much all that consists of the Spaceknight's role in the conflict. Their being lead by Blastarr for unknown reasons is really lame not too mention they get one whole whopping line as you can see here. And if you look closely you can see indeed these are the anime "Spaceknights" from that horrible mini-series that everybody hates. That's it, nothing else is said or explained and in the next panel which I didn't bother to scan Blastarr and the "Spaceknights" are beamed away.

And in the last issue of the series we get this one panel as far as any further spaceknight references that does nothing more then serve up another shit sandwich to ROM fans who already had to take a bite out of one already.

In some sort of post war epilogue spin off story we are treated to even more retardation in the form of what's called the Spaceknight Restitution Initiative in which these "spaceknights" come to the Kree home world in order to download some software into a defense net to get it up and running again at full capacity. Of course shit goes wrong as the "spaceknights" are infected with some sort of techno virus that also starts getting into everything. These "spaceknights" were pretty lame too because they really look more like actual medieval knights then they do like the Galadorian Spaceknight cyborgs of the Sal Buscema days of ROM. The scanned clip art here is all the explanation that is offered as to how the "spaceknights" came to make this offer to the Kree aside from a later panel where Daystarr (the lead "spaceknight") says some shit about how they all learned a lesson about working together during the Annihilation wave and so on. Man, all I can say is that Marvel has a lot to make up for when March comes around. If they don't deliver I may do some fucken annihilating of my own! You should be able to enlarge the clip are and read it easier.


  1. Calling this "lame-ass" is being kind.


    As a ROM fan who was kicking himself for missing the whole ANNIHILATION arc... I feel vindicated and relieved to have avoided this mess.

    As I understood it, the mini-series ITSELF was good... but for handling of the Spaceknight franchise... it is an epic fail.

  2. welcome back Ptor, i just wanted to say aside from the belly aching i did in the posting this was one epic Marvel cosmic series. i highly recommend it for that aspect of it. the actual main story is told in 6 books that just say ANNIHILATION in the title. as you probably know there is a ton of spin off books that might confuse some people. it's kinda hit or miss what of the spin offs is good or not worth getting which is most of it i think. but the 1-6 really rocks with great art, dialogue and plenty of action. Gamorra is smokin hot in the series!

  3. The spaceknights have been misused by Marvel a lot in the recent past, but have faith! When I asked about the Spaceknights last year at Comic Con in San Diego, the writers of the Cosmic stuff at Marvel said they loved them and were trying to use them more. Let's hope that's true and we see less of the Medieval look and more of the stylistic cyborgs we know and love. I also am very excited to see how the Wraiths are manifested.

  4. welcome back Tony. we're gonna find out in March if those guys from Marvel in San Diego were serious or just giving you a line of bull.