Thursday, April 21, 2011

ROM custom T-shirt, Rick James . . I mean Jones & links to Annihilators #2 Youtube reviews

Ok so I've edited and re-published this posting from being about the ROM clip art flash back cameo in HULK #319 to being mostly about this custom T-shirt because it seems that the cameo was mostly old news to people which kinda bummed me out. Originally I thought I had uncovered something hardly anybody knew about. Needless to say this shirt doesn't bum me out it kicks ass! Your best bet to find out more about it is to go to the previous posting and check out the ROM podcast link. That will take you to a posting on the Roboplastic Apocalypse blog where you can read the comments and contact the T-shirt's creator.

I'm leaving this clip art up of the cameo at any rate just in case for whom ever out there that may not know about it yet. But for another sort of cameo and very ingenious Rick Jones/ROM connection this video is a must see!
You know to be honest even though it's cool to find ROM references most anywhere, from an art stand point I was never that crazy about John Byrne's rendering of ROM. Don't get me wrong Byrne is one of the greatest artists of all time but the way he drew ROM's head and eyes reminds me a bit too much of Dikto's run on the series. Let's not even go there.


  1. Oh sure... I thought every ROM fan had this one tucked away.

    Lee MUST have it on his list already, no?
    I'll send you a color pic as soon as I can scan one in.
    Give me til later tomorrow. OK?

  2. FYI, that panel was reprinted with Rick Jones' entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe -- Deluxe Edition #6 (and therefore the corresponding TPB compilation of the time, although I don't know the volume number, and the Essential reprint, I presume).

  3. That's dedication folks! Good find Dave. I never would have remembered this...probably because I never read the Hulk in sequential issues. That's a pretty awesome drawing of him there, though. Good 'ole Byrney. Back when an egotistical artist/writer could still be good at his job and crank out the issues.

  4. oh great this turned out to be old news!? i feel a sense of shame for something i've posted on this blog for the first time in nearly a year i've had it.

  5. It's always a good time to post a John Byrne drawing of ROM, sir. Very cool, and I for one had forgotten all about this.

  6. I LOVE that shirt. Need me some ROMage in the shirt drawer.

  7. That shirt is awesome - so simple but says it all really!

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