Saturday, September 15, 2018

We Wish You Well

Having some fun here bringing back that 80s feelin just one last time here. As a parting gift I just wanted to share a few cool items with you all that some of you may or may not have seen yet and some that all of you definitely have not.
This fictitious cover art is gorgeous but at the same time it kinda makes me sad. To think about what could have been as opposed to what was. Ofcourse I'm talking about all the half baked continuity that ended up from Marvel after they lost the character rights and on top of that many years later the travesty that is IDW's reboot after they gained the rights. I'm still not sure to this day which of the two publishers has done a bigger disservice to the character.

And how about one last sketch card? This one as you can see having to do with an 80s property cross over I've had on my mind in recent weeks. Although I have to say after having seen IDW's idea of the Hasbroverse in the past couple years I must say some cross overs might be better left in the imaginations of the fan base with some occasional fan art popping up here and there.

October 10 Update: Even though I've decided to bring this blog to and end there's still plenty of cool ROM related stuff out there that turns up nearly every month. You just have to set a side a little bit of time and make an effort to look for it but here are just some examples of stuff posted this month so far...
And here's something I recently found that was posted earlier this year that had real potential but it just falls a bit short of being an all around great piece of fan art. It seems like the artist kinda struggled with ROM from a figure composition stand point...