Thursday, June 17, 2021

ROM's Cafe

Located on A street in Hayward California I swear when I first saw this place the logo looked like it was directly taken off from any issue of the ROM spaceknight series. Just a coincidence I'm sure but pretty cool to see just the same.

A new commission fan art piece by artist Jim Califiore. Well I'm posting it here so obviously I like it and I don;t even mind the minor artistic liberties Califiore took with ROM's armor. In fact, this is a nice basis of what IDW's reboot could have looked like. I'm quite positive this would have gone over much better with the fan base both new and old.

One of the things I love about fan art is that you don't have to worry about any sort of legal red tape when it comes to who you want to feature together. This latest here is by you're truly. I've had this cross over character concept idea for a while now I'm glad I finally got around to getting to it.

I spotted this a couple days ago along the side of some kind of portable office for a moving company in San Francisco. Just another good example of the cool public art you can find around here when it comes to all things comics and sci-fi.The first two films from the ALIEN franchise were absolutely classic iconic sci-fi horror and I love em both. However, I can't say the same for the rest unfortunately. 

I was recently reflecting on the "ROM Remix" project from several years ago as a concept it was kinda cool but ultimately poorly executed due to the poor quality artists that contributed to the project. The lone exception being Robert Duckett who did page 4. He did a fairly good job especially in the first few panels.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pick the ROM issue Spidey!

I asked the dude who posted this on twitter where this came from but he never responded so unfortunately I can't tell you if this is some sort of fan art or if it came out any publication.

So today I bought a brand new Marvel comic for first time in almost years. Marvel's treatment of the ROM spaceknight legacy has prompted me toward a personal boycott of new comics to say nothing of the cover prices these days. But I finally made an exception for this one shot issue of Magneto & The Mutant Force which has Sabra among the cast of characters. I'd say it's been around 3 years since she last made an appearance in any Marvel title so I had to check this out.

In this alternate reality there are no Avengers and Sabra is part of a mutant rebellion led by a paraplegic Magneto against the government which Squadron Supreme are agents of.  It would have been nice had there been a bit more of her in the issue but over all I thought it was ok. Been out of the loop for quite a while when it comes to all things going on in the published Marvel Universe so I'm sure there's some context to the story I'm missing here.

And here we have the latest commission piece from our pal Sal. Unfortunately I don't have any details about about who it was for or how much whoever paid for it which I think we all are curious about. I think this is the best commission form Sal in quite a while.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Totally awesome fan art by Dakota Alexander

After coming across this fan art on social media I reached out to the artist and had a nice chat with him. According to Dakota, ROM is a visaully fascinating and challenging character to draw and very symbolic of the 80s. Which as we all know is the greatest decade in human history. He wanted to give this piece a sci-fi movie poster feel bolstered with some Akin & Garvey style line art. I'd say it all came together quite nicely which is why it gets a spot on blog site for ROM fans who aren't dicks. Dakota's Instagram account @drumsoftheserpent
Also very cool, but unfortunately just a fake. But it looks pretty damn real though, wish I had one.

Here's something else cool I just found on farcebook. Unfortunately I don't know the original source material for this old promotional Marvel superheroes photo but I as you can see it's at Rockefeller Square in New York City.

Friday, April 23, 2021

What a ROM and Daredevil 2021 team up might have looked like

  Aside from this humorous fan art a came up with mocking both Marvel and IDW Publishing I also recently by good fortune came across this rare photo of the man that so many of us have so much to be grateful for. It really pisses me off about the shitty things that happen to good people (while still fairly young) rather we're talking about Bill Mantlo or Chadwick Boseman. And on the other hand pieces of shit like donald trump in their 70s get covid-19 and make a full recovery. That shit ain't right.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Seattle's salute to the legacy of Chadwick Boseman

One of the many things I love about Seattle is that no matter how many times I come here I always discover something new and awesome during my visit. As one example of my most recent visit is this mural celebrating the film legacy of the late Chadwick Boseman. Unfortunately I couldn't find a damn thing on the internet about it so all I can tell you is that it's located on the outskirts of the downtown area.

I wish I could have taken this photo with out all those cars in the way but parking in and around downtown Seattle is almost as bad as San Francisco these days. So on the left we have two American legends James Brown and Jackie Robinson as played by Boseman in the films Get on Up and 42. Ofcourse in the center is Boseman as king T'Chala a.k.a The Black Panther and next to that a straight forward Chadwick Boseman portrait. I can't be one hundred percent sure but to the right of the portrait is Boseman from Spike Lee's post Vietnam era drama Da Five Bloods. Now, aside from the photos posted here I do also have this short video of a less obstructed view of the mural, please share...


Not to be totally out done by Seattle when it comes to public tributes to all things Black Panther and Chadwick Boseman here we have this awesome mural located in San Francisco's Bay View district. And like the one in Seattle I can't find anything online about for some weird and annoying reason.

 And when it comes to all things Black Panther here's a dire wraith reference published from the Skrull Secret Invasion story line. Turns out in their collective alien arrogance the skrulls seriously under estimated the Wakandan's and their king. I know this is open to interpretation but that would be cool if he was referencing the skirmish in ROM spaceknight 50 as opposed to a much older confrontation in this ancient alien family feud.

P.S. Wakanda Forever you green pointy eared bastards

Here's something I've been sitting on literally for years now that I might as well finally share with any ROM fans out there. To the best of my knowledge this panel with Rick Jones lamenting his uncanny survival skills against hostile aliens (including dire wraiths ofcourse) comes from Incredible HULK 341.  

April 16th Update: Thanks to this commission art by Keith Williams that was posted on Farcebook this morning we now at least have one good piece of ROM fan art for the month of April.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

ROM spaceknight 48 spotted in the Star Wars tribute comedy FANBOYS

 It's currently a short list when it comes to known movies that ROM issues have been spotted in (Robocop, The Lost Boys, Explorers, Unbreakable and TRON the sequel) but it just got a bit longer now that I just saw Fan Boys (2009) for the first time today. Here's the scene

On something of a side note here, this movie is actually pretty funny and has a great soundtrack.

But also there's some sad news today. Yaphet Kotto has done a lot of work in both films (The Running Man, Live & Let Die from the James Bond film series, Raid on Entebbe etc.) and TV through out his career but my favorite role with him will forever be Parker in the sci-fi horror classic ALIEN. Much to my surprise right after learning about Kotto's passing I also found out that he was Jewish. I also wanted to mention the passing of Christopher Plummer earlier this year who was another good actor with films to his credit like Dreamscape, Dolores Claiborne and Star Trek The Undiscovered Country. Rest in peace gentlemen.

March 23rd Update: Just by blind luck while screwing around on twitter tonight I discovered this seemingly unknown awesome commission ROM art by artist Armando Ramirez.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

The return of Marvel's premier Israeli superhero

 So after several years of an absence of Sabra in The Marvel Universe it looks like she's gonna be showing up in an upcoming one shot issue due out in early May called Magneto and The Mutant Force. And I might add if you go by this cover art variant she'll be sporting her classic costume and be more ethnically sephardic in appearance. I have not bought a new comic book from Marvel in many many years because of how pissed I am about their handling of the ROM spaceknight legacy but I might have to make an exception here . . .we'll see. 

On something of a side note there's something else I've been meaning to say for a while now. Not too long ago during a random internet search for Sabra I came across some Sabra clip art that was lifted off this blog and used as anti-semitic propaganda on a notorious white nationalist website (which shall remain nameless here)  in regards to the tragic passing of Stan Lee. Ofcourse there's nothing I can do about people lifted images off this blog for whatever reason. But if any of you white nationalists pieces of shit come back here to this blog again I'm going to at least have the satisfaction of having a special message waiting for you...

Your lord and would be savior of a one term twice impeached and all around disgraced ex-president donald trump is not going to make a come back on March 4th. And if you're reading this after March 4th then know that trump is not going back again to defile The White House after Joe Biden's tenure. So all you cult of trump losers can take your anti-semitic, racist and Qanon bullshit and shove it up your collective "master race" asses.

Some really really well done ROM fan art done as a commission piece by Carlos Rodrigo. This kinda stuff really brings back good memories. I originally found this on Farcebook and it was really washed out in appearance due to it not being inked. So I brought it into photoshop for some quick digital enhancements to make it pop a bit with some contrast.