Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020: A year in review of 2019 fan art

For all you Micronauts fans who have a soft spot for BUG we've got something else cool for you to check out right here . . .

So, at the cost of sounding immodest I'd say the bulk of the good fan art that turned up in 2019 probably came from myself and my Greek friend. His solo work as well as our collaborative efforts have been featured quite heavily in the hand full of postings I've done this past year. Unfortunately, most of what I've seen other wise has been a mixed bag of disappointment ranging from . . .

 ...stuff that was just plain weird, obscure and borderline incomprehensible. Then you had pieces that were so amateurish from an illustration skill stand point to others that were utterly lacking in creativity or otherwise imagination. But there was...

 ...also some other work in which the artists did combine genuine illustration skills with some sense of creativity (the number of those pieces was a short list to be sure) to the point where their art work was more or less in the spirit of the Marvel series and evoked some sense of nostalgia. I would like to think that 2020 will have in store more of the kinda of fan art that reminds me of the good ol days as opposed to the dull and uninspiring crap I usually find but I doubt it.

February 23rd Update: Any fans out there of The Mandalorian? Great show, and the only good thing out there when it comes to live action Star Wars along with Rogue 1 in the past 19 years. I recently did some fan art on a greeting card for a buddy of mine.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Starshine Unleashed

My Greek friend Nikoskap has been hitting out of the park lately with a lot of good Starshine themed sketch art that's turned into some collaboration pieces between us which I felt deserved a little more exposure beyond twitter, farcebook and deviant art. Clearly this blog is not entirely defunct as I had intended November of last year I keep making exceptions for the occasional posting.

September 6th Update: And speaking of all things Greek, I just dropped this in the mail earlier in the week let's hope The Enigma Force and the Gods of Galador insure it's safe arrival...

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Fan art . . .the good, the bad and the bizarre
Think of this posting as a public service announcement. Kinda like an emergency broadcast on your TV once in a while.
The two works above are examples of the good. Well illustrated and creative while also being faithful to the source material. Everything below, would be good examples of the bad and the bizarre which unfortunately are far more commonly found then the good stuff. Yeah I know I'm kinda of being a dick by doing a posting like this but truth be told I had wanted to do this since early last year but had always felt it was kinda of crossing a line. But now, with this being a semi-retired blog these days I'm not really too worried about making new friends or my reputation. I'm just so very happy to finally really make this point.

All this shit should be banished to Limbo
I really love it when I come across some kind of ROM related fan art that reminds me of the good ol days of when I had a new issue of ROM or some kind of tie-in to look forward to every month. None of that kind of shit does that for me. When I see that stuff it's like that feeling you get when you see a dead animal on the road or people who spit in public all the time.

San Francisco's Mission District
March 30th Update: And speaking of good art. Here's some local stuff of a more large scale and public nature.

Oakland's China Town

June 12th Update: 
I wanted to do something different for a change and feature ROM with his translator. I always thought that was a cool reveal from issue 50 so I imagine at some point ROM would have had to use his translator during his time hunting down the dire wraiths within the Skrull empire.
Rom spaceknight 50

June 20th Update: It recently occurred to me that I've never done any fan art of the male dire wraiths so here we go.

June 22nd Update: The greatest of the spaceknights vs Deathwing, nuff said. You might say this was a David and Goliath kinda match up.

June 29nd Update: Here's something from artist Lou Russo worth having a look at if you're a ROM fan who also happens to like Star Trek and ALIENS (the first two movie only) like I am. I'm not a big fan how he draws ROM most of the time but he came out ok here and as always I give Russo high Marks for creativity. The link below has the full size image...

July 18th Update:  Looks like I had one last sketch card up my sleeve as the saying goes.

August 14th Update: I really love envelope art especially when it arrives to it;s final destination still looking ok.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ringing in the new year with some fan art that kicks ass!

I had been bitching to my good friend and fellow artist and ROM fan in Greece recently about how December was so fucken devoid of any new ROM related fan art that was worth a shit with November not having been much better. Now one of the reasons I consider this guy a friend is because he actually checks and responds to his emails on a pretty consistent basis which is rare these days even the other ROM fans I've connected with over the years are such assholes when it comes to that. So woe and behold after I woke up on New Year's day a sketch had been emailed to me from my Greek friend which I thought was great.
Didn't have to go to work today ofcourse and I had plenty of spare time on my hands so I decided to color it in photoshop. I know I'm not really blogging here any more these days but I'm pretty damn sure this will probably be the best ROM related fan art for much of . . or most of  . . or maybe for all of 2019 at this rate. So yeah I'm gonna post it here seeing as this is something of a special occasion although certainly not nearly as special as my Stan Lee posting.

Look what was just posted today. This is fucken awful...

Here's something I neglected to post all these years so I guess I might as well now. It's from the last couple panels from Avengers 243 (1984). Speaking of all all cool things from the 80s . . .

I saw Bumbleebee last weekend. I wouldn't say I loved it but I did like it and I think it was a much over due sea change for the franchise. Ofcourse it taking place right here in The San Francisco Bay Area during the 80s was a big plus for me. The movie wasn't with out it's problems though the story line had more then a few logic gaps and at times got a bit too tongue n' cheek for my taste. Although I appreciate how this one was closer to the source material I still really like even till this day the first Michael Bay TF movie but as ever all the sequels aren't worth a shit and I'd like to forget they ever happened.

Back to the 80s one more time with a totally awesome Back to The Future themed chalk drawing on this sandwich board sign outside of  High Scores (80s video game arcade) in downtown Hayward. Trust me, that's a good deal!

Jan 6 Update: Since I used to watch Lavern & Shirley when I was a kid I feel like I'm obligated to make a mention about the passing of Penny Marshal with only days having remained for 2018. I was kinda disappointed that it drew so little attention in the mainstream media I don;t remember seeing anything about on any major news outlets.
Also, here's a thumbnail preview of something I uploaded just this morning. Just did this on a whim and partly through the inspiration of other artists who are friends of mine. The link below will take you to the full size image . . .

Jan 15th Update: Well, we're now 2 weeks into the new year and not a single descent thing turned up when it comes to good ROM related fan art but there is this. But I did I happen to see this on the back of a van by chance as I was out and about last week. The 80s just seems to be every where I go.

Jan 26th Update:

Jan 31st Update: Just happened to see this vintage Star Tours bumper sticker today. This really brings back some great memories from the early 90s when I first went on the Star Tours ride.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Stan's Soapbox as seen in ROM spaceknight 3 February 1980

I'm temporarily pulling this blog out of retirement for this very sad occasion and you all know what I'm talking about. For my own tribute to Stan Lee I wanted to post something unique and I think I just found the perfect thing. This little excerpt from a Stan's Soapbox column is unlike any of the other ones I've seen thus far on the internet. Those are some wise words from this man going back nearly 4 decades ago that America should really take to heart now during these very troubled times.
Beyond the mourning process let's also rejoice in a few things here. Unlike Prince, David Bowie and George Michael, Stan Lee did not die young. He had a wildly successful career and he lived long enough to eventually even see his some what more obscure characters like Black Panther become cinematic sensations and house hold names. And what a legacy he left behind I mean really that in and of it's self practically gives him a sense of immortality. Simply put, the man has already become a legend.

ROM spaceknight 27  (1982)
One last thing I wanted to add here speaking of Stan Lee's legacy. Here's a gorgeous bonus pin-up page of The Silver Surfer (created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) by Akin & Garvey from Marvel Fanfare 33 (1987). As far as I can tell it's the only bonus pin-up page from that issue that seems to be absent on the internet so here it is along with some cool corresponding clip art.

November 17th Update: Here's some other cool ROM related stuff that have recently turned up worth having a look at. That mural behind me is located in Hayward California. It's been there for years I can't believe it's only today that I came up with the idea to get a selfie in front of it with my ROM t-shirt. Even when it comes to characters like ROM and Wolverine that Stan didn't have a direct hand in creating none of it would have existed if not for Marvel Comics. Thank you Stan for all of this.

Check out what this mural used to look like many years ago...

Saturday, September 15, 2018

We Wish You Well

Having some fun here bringing back that 80s feelin just one last time here. As a parting gift I just wanted to share a few cool items with you all that some of you may or may not have seen yet and some that all of you definitely have not.
This fictitious cover art is gorgeous but at the same time it kinda makes me sad. To think about what could have been as opposed to what was. Ofcourse I'm talking about all the half baked continuity that ended up from Marvel after they lost the character rights and on top of that many years later the travesty that is IDW's reboot after they gained the rights. I'm still not sure to this day which of the two publishers has done a bigger disservice to the character.

And how about one last sketch card? This one as you can see having to do with an 80s property cross over I've had on my mind in recent weeks. Although I have to say after having seen IDW's idea of the Hasbroverse in the past couple years I must say some cross overs might be better left in the imaginations of the fan base with some occasional fan art popping up here and there.

October 10 Update: Even though I've decided to bring this blog to and end there's still plenty of cool ROM related stuff out there that turns up nearly every month. You just have to set a side a little bit of time and make an effort to look for it but here are just some examples of stuff posted this month so far...
And here's something I recently found that was posted earlier this year that had real potential but it just falls a bit short of being an all around great piece of fan art. It seems like the artist kinda struggled with ROM from a figure composition stand point...

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bill Mantlo was trying to warn us

Rom spaceknight 58

It's so interesting how sometimes a movie or comic book issue can take on a whole new meaning to you when you re-visit it as an adult as opposed to to when you first read or watched it some where in your teens. I just figured out now that the story line in ROM 58 which revolved around a mutagenic dire wraith taint introduced to the Earth's ecosystem was basically just an allegory for the harmful short term and long term impact of pollution from human activity. This is made even more obvious by the fact that actual man made pollution in the form of run off from a coal mine played a direct part in the previous two issues that took place in Beaver Falls Canada with guest appearances by Alpha Flight.

Soylent Green
Kinda makes you wonder if Bill Mantlo was a fan of dystopian sci-fi movies especially with issues like environmental collapse usually being such a central theme? I know I am. I love em in spite of being terrified by them at the same time. Now if you're tired of my politics becoming part of yet another blog posting you know I don't give a shit right?

Children of Men
I mean if you're one of these evangelicals that are still devoted to trump ask yourself if Jesus would be a trump supporter? Or for those of you who are Bill Mantlo fans ask yourself if he was still healthy today and in complete control of his mental faculties would he have voted for trump? And how do you think he would feel about his presidency thus far? And if that answer isn't as immediately obvious to you as it is to me then congratulations you win the biggest dumb ass in the universe award.

The typical aspects of a dystopian future as told in most science fiction are environmental collapse, dwindling natural resources, out of control corporate corruption, massive class and gender inequality, over population, scarce natural resources, authoritarian governments and urban decay. Are we moving in that direction or just going through a really really rough patch on the road to an eventual brighter future?

I can't say for sure but if today we're seeing the early signs of a dystopian future right out of the movies all I ask is that I'm not around to see that shit go down. I'd rather check out while the world is still in half way decent shape.

Left click to enlarge
September 5th Update: Look what I found today, on farcebook no less. This is some damn good professional quality fan art (artist unknown) of Nova and ROM along with the spackenights of Galador taking on two villains who have proving to be almost as dangerous to planet Earth as donald trump and scott pruitt.

September 7th Update: Damn, just heard the sad news about Bert Reynolds passing away. I don't like this growing list of dead celebrities that I grew up with especially with 2018 still having almost a few more months to go. Boogie Nights, hands down one of the best movies ever made.