Monday, September 22, 2014

ROM spaceknight issue #22 commemorative fan art ( I really miss the 80s! )

I finally got around to  getting done the fan art that's been foremost in my collection of ideas for the past couple months.

Number 22 (1981) was the first ROM issue I ever had and in effect it started a chain reaction of fandom with me from the early 80s to today. So it seems this commemorative fan art is a good foot note to end things here. Yeah that's right, in my never ending quest to curb my time on the internet and lead a more productive life in the real world (mainly for more sleep and exercise in my schedule) I've decided to suspend writing any more of these time consuming postings indefinitely. It's no big deal I'll still be sharing all cool ROM related things with those of you I correspond with through other means outside of this blog such as on deviant art and by email, but I still don't do farcebook.

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But let me leave you with some of the cool stuff I saw last weekend while I was in Alameda for an afternoon. By the way that's the same city I ran into that guy who had the cool Nova t-shirt earlier this summer. Anyways, first up I took a photo of this cool new Star Wars window display at Toy Safari which as you can see carry's among other things vintage sci-fi and comic book based toys from the 80s.

I bet you forgot about this one : )
Only a couple retail spaces down was this new place called High Scores Arcade which is a video game arcade that features exclusively old school games from  . . . . yep you guessed it the 80s! You can get a look at the inside of the place here

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NOVA 619 vs the Dire Wraiths concept fan art

I finally had a complete chill day this past Sunday and I got one of my back burner fan art projects done. A couple months ago this British guy contacted me on deviant art about getting some input about this story line he and some friends had written having to do with this confrontation Nova has with the dire wraiths. As I understand it this is supposed to be some manner of online comic with something of a Halloween theme. Needless to say I liked their script and it inspired me to come up with some art work. At this time I don't want to give too much away about it but for now I can tell you this much, the dire wraiths are masters at deception which can be a formidable weapon that even raw power can't always over come as The Torpedo* found out the hard way. For this battle Richard Rider will need much more then his Nova Prime powers. Sometimes it's your will and even your imagination that makes the difference between life and death, in particular your brain getting sucked out of your skull kinda death.

For those of you who would like a comprehensive review of Nova's origins check out this cool video and yes they made sure to include ROM #24.

* Special note: The Torpedo and Nova were both co-created by Marv Wolfman

Sept. 23 Update: I just got confirmation today that the Marvel Age Magazine #7 "Ron" misprint has nothing to do with this custom doll for anyone who's interested in knowing.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gods of Galador my ROM t-shirt arrived today!

Just got this baby in the mail a couple of hours ago! This is actually the first time I've ever bought any clothing online I've always had this standing rule about never buying anything I can try on first I'm a bit fussy when it comes to how stuff fits on me. But I had no choice Redbubble doesn't have any retail services from their San Francisco office. I don't know how they can get away with selling t-shirts of licensed characters with everything from Thundarr The Barbarian to The Shogun Warriors and even to The Micronauts but I gotta go back to S.F. early next week and now that I have my brand spanking new ROM t-shirt from these guys maybe I'll try to pay them another visit.

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This custom Torpedo figure has been around for a while but I felt like featuring it here basically because I really like it. The artist did a good job on making the Torpedo armor look very accurate to how it was drawn not to mention the transparent visor. I'm also a big fan of figures that have good points of articulation. Even when a figure has a good sculpt but is about as articulate as the original Star Wars action figure line well then it might as well just be a statue figurine which kinda defeats the whole point of producing an "action figure". Now here's an example of a custom Torpedo I'm not too crazy about for the before mentioned reasons . . .

September 7 Update: A heart warming moment from the Bill Finger Awards presentation at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con with our beloved Bill spaceknight Mantlo.