Friday, October 21, 2016

I guess I should be flattered but . . .

Here's a screen shot of something I saw on Twitter earlier this evening but this isn't the first time I've seen some of my ROM fan art turn up else where. On one hand when this happens I'm a bit flattered but also kind of annoyed because it seems like it's never by anyone I know or have other wise had any communication with as far as I as I can tell. It would be nice for a change if someone actually said something about the art work they're about to lift off of my site much less ask permission to use it just as a matter of courtesy. And then on top of that they never mention where they got the art work from that they see fit to use. I think there's something to be said for a some kind of basic internet etiquette. This sure ain't the 80s any more.

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October 22 Update: Well with Gary's diorama in the previous posting it seems fitting to introduce this other unique sort of arts n' craft type tribute art work. This is something I found some time last year but have been sitting on for a while now for what ever reason I don't recall now. I think this is what you would call a shadow box and it was posted by a fellow by the name of Angel Velasquez who I assume is the artist. This is pretty cool it would make for a nice display piece in the home of any ROM fan.

I did away with the previous art work I had here because what I coincidentally found this morning was way cooler. Check out how the cover art for Daredevil 126 is similar and yet different at the same time with this Strange cover you see above you ....

Monday, October 3, 2016

The ROM legacy Heroclix collection

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I've loved dioramas ever since I was a kid, and this one comes to us by Gary Martin Jr.who did a fine job on it. The top left silver figurine is Ikon with some gold color variants that are supposed to be some kind of standard spaceknight soldiers in the Heroclix universe. Along the bottom to the left we have Forge from The X-Men which I'm sure most of you ROM fans remember as having had a pivotal role as an ally to ROM in the final days of the Wraith War both in the pages of The X-Men as well as in ROM spaceknight. Moving to the right we've also got Turbo from The New Warriors although for nostalgia's sake I wish they had made that figure outfitted with the original Torpedo costume as opposed to the updated version as seen in the 2nd New Warriors series.
Moving on to the right we've got the bad guys starting with a standard female dire wraith along with the dire wraith queen Volx. Notice how Volx is made of the exact same mold but done in green. Last up in the top right corner we've got the worst of the worst when it comes to ROM's enemies. Arguably the best sculpt of the bunch that there is Hybrid. Spawned of a dire wraith father and human mother Hybrid was a mutant of sorts possessed of vast powers both mental and physical.

It also so happens that this past weekend I was at the latest San Jose Super Toy comic and collectibles show. I really like this con I've been to it a few times now over the past couple of years it's not as big as most other cons but it's not bad at all and for a measly $10 admission fee (plenty of free parking nearby to) you get quite a lot of bang for your buck as the saying goes. It was kinda cool to see a dealer decorate one of his comic boxes with ROM 18. Also, Sam Jones from the awesomely cheesy 1980 Flash Gordon movie and more recently from the Ted movies was there.

1989 Oakland CA Wonder Con convention program

October 7 Update: First off I wanted to say I'm disappointed to not see some words of appreciation for that ROM legacy Heroclix diorama which no doubt was a real labor of love for Gary. Ok moving on, here's a little retrospective when it comes to the local convention scene. I just found this in an old 1989 Oakland Wonder Con convention program I still had. Ofcourse I've sung the praises of Akin & Garvey's work on ROM numerous times here over the years but I hadn't realized until today that they had also done inks on the Micronauts (Vol. 2) as well. I don't know about the first ever Wonder Con in 87 but I know they were also guests at the one in 88. Looking back I wish I had made a point to see them while I was there but unfortunately back in the late 80s I was in a different head space. The names behind the comics I loved to read and collect were not that big of a deal to me as hard as that me be to believe in the here and now.