Sunday, February 22, 2015

ROM spaceknight vs The Brood

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This actually isn't finished it's a horizontal drawing. But I just don't have the time right now to finish this Sunday afternoon sketch today because as it is I should have used this time to get some studying done and or get to my fucken taxes. With everything that's going on right now I just needed a mental break and sometimes putting pen or pencil to paper does the trick. Nothing new or exciting since my last posting as far as ROM related stuff goes. None of the fan art I've seen had me saying "wow" to myself and even though some new videos have turned up it's nothing we haven't heard or seen before. They were a lot of the  . . "ROM was a Parker Brothers doll . . . the comic outlasted the toy (insert commonly found clip). . . Marvel lost the rights to the character (insert more commonly found clip) . . .and  . . huh . . zzzzzzzz..zzzzz . .zzzzz".

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Feb. 25th update: Big thanks to Gary Martin Jr. who sent me these screen shots and the following quote today . . .
"The Oscar has been awarded, the Blu-ray released, and we now have our best look at The Torpedo's treatment in the movie Big Hero 6.  While they couldn't give us a closeup on the display suit's helmet, I was surprised to notice on the latest viewing that ROM-related back story comic Marvel Premiere #39 appears prominently!"

On a side note I wanted to remind you all that the cover of ROM spaceknight 26 makes a brief appearance in an opening scene in Tron Legacy. Just this past Valentines Day Weekend I was in Santa Cruz and visited the comic shop from a scene in The Lost Boys where we catch a glimpse of ROM Annual 2.

Lost Boys comic shop scene at the 53 second mark
TRON Legacy opening scene at the 20 second mark

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The kind of fan art I was afraid I'd never find again

Fan art by Zo Pontz
Got time for just a quickie posting tonight. The last time I found any fan art from another artist I felt that was worth posting was around Fall of last year. This guy has a good grip on figure composition his art doesn't look amateurish at all. And unlike almost all the ROM related fan art that's turned up in recent months this guy actually puts ROM in an interesting and imaginative scene along with these street level Marvel characters. Most of the time lately it's pretty passe stuff with ROM just standing around or floating in space by himself with his neutrilizer.

Feb. 10th Update: Here's some new ROM cosplay that's recently turned up that's worth having a look at. My good friend Dan W. beat me to the punch as far as posting it : )