Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some undiscovered clip art from Universe X

Just can't seem to stay away from this blogging shit for long for one reason or another. This morning I was browsing on the internet as I frequently do for anything interesting or other wise cool that's ROM related both new and old. That's how I found this clip art of Captain America with ROM's neutralizer. Now I happen to have Universe X #3 and based on some other clip art on the internet from the series as well as clip art that was sent to me by Gary Martin Jr. (who I haven't heard from in over a fu&%$@ month now) some years ago I know that Captain America was featured in action with ROM's neutralizer in later issues. But this is the first time I've seen this clip art I actually couldn't get to the page it was on which belonged to some marvel comics site that you had to login to. But fortunately the Google preview image was pretty big so here we are.
For Valentine's Day my wife got me this really nice set of Supracolor Soft coloring pencils. They're so smooth the way they lay down color on paper even though I'm not feeling especially creative these days I should give them a proper "test drive". So maybe within the next couple weeks I might be able to update this posting with some new fan art.

Feb. 25th Update:
Indeed you are correct Joseph (see today's comments) the clip art above as well more clip art of alternate reality Captain America blasting away with ROM's neutralizer is located in Universe X #4. But there's more, issues 10 and 11 and even a 0 and "X" issue will also give us more dire wraiths along with a ROM flash back cameo to issue #3. Plus we also find out in a editorial mention that the Universe X Galador was consumed by Galactus as opposed to ROM having tricked Galactus into trying to consume Wraith World instead as we know it. So for all of you clamoring to get a copy of Universe X #3 it looks like you'll need to dig a little deeper into your pockets get at least 4 more issues to have the full story on the ROM and dire wraith related tidbits of Universe X. A little curating birdie gave me the low down earlier this morning but more on that later. By the way I'm still intent on giving my new coloring pencil set a try with some new fan art very soon.

Feb. 28th Update: And here it is, the finished product.This isn't one of those fan art pieces I didn't thoroughly think through while doing the sketch. It just started with ROM and then I just kept adding characters with the right color scheme to their costumes I wanted to try out my new coloring pencil set on. Obviously I already had Captain America on my mind and who doesn't like Wolverine? Although with Sabra I added her because I'd been hoping to see some new fan art of her turn up some where for a while now but some times if you want to see something get done you just gotta do it yourself.

Walnut Creek California
Ya know with all this Captain America and Sabra talk I just feel like adding this photo of a billboard that just showed up here in the San Francisco Bay Area last week.

Left click to enlarge
March 3rd Update: And getting back to more ROM spaceknight and Sabra themed fan art check out this Official Marvel Universe Handbook #9 front and back cover spread redux I just happened to come across tonight. You can see the full view here . . .

P.S. As far as all this new stuff I've updated this posting with in the past week don't everybody speak up all at once now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What an epic douche bag!

Ya know since my last posting aside from some updates to it I was really planning on taking something of a hiatus from blogging here in light of my all time low in terms of enthusiasm for the new IDW Rom series. Which took another hit by the way with the discovery last weekend of that Michael Golden cover variant featuring the "juiced up" Rom firing a ghostbusters gun. But that wouldn't be the last thing I would discover last weekend  that got on my nerves and this one demanded a strong response. There's actually two matters I want to address in this posting but let's start with this prick you see pictured here. Now what you're looking at below are some cropped pictures I took of a couple pages from a comic book price guide listing. You know how they have this kinda index listing style with a random featured titles here and there and a bit of an editorial blurb to go with it? When I first came across this price guide at a used book store I saw the ROM entry and I was like cool and gave it a read. Not so cool actually, once I realized the condescending tone to the ROM spaceknight series that the editorial blurb was written in.

Left click to enlarge
The most insulting part is when he compares the dire wraiths in the pages of The X-Men with Team America (yeah as in the motor cross bike comic series) in the pages of The New Mutants. He's basically saying that the ROM spaceknight series is lame on the level of the short lived Team America Marvel 80s comic book series. I mean is this guy one pretentious douche bag or what? Anyways, screw this idiot 40 Year Old Virgin sequel casting call and this garbage he wrote. But keeping things in perspective, I've gathered in print and online a ton of articles and editorial shorts on ROM over the years all of which have been overwhelmingly positive but with any loom of grapes there's always gonna be a rotten one in the bunch. As to the price guide I've been talking about...

  Every single ROM fan I know out there has been turned off in one way or another to some degree over what they saw in the preview pages of the zero issue. In essence we've been waiting for decades for something like this and just like every Star Wars movie that's come out since Jedi this new ROM series would not have been possible with out the enduring fandom. I feel like we deserve a book that suites our taste and not that of some millennials who were still in elementary school when 911 happened and thought the Star Wars pre-quels were pretty cool because they never saw the original trilogy.
  So I ask you my friends why the reluctance to express your concerns to IDW? Why? What's all this it's "too early to judge" or this "wait and see" approach? The zero issue doesn't come out till early May and the first issue not for another two months after that. If IDW were to respond with some changes for the better thanks to fan feed back wouldn't you want to see that sooner then later in the series? So why is it such a challenge for so many of you to be a little pro-active and simply drop them a line by saying something like "Hey I'm a long time ROM fan and was really excited when you guys released the cover art but not so much when I saw what ROM looked like on the inside". Hit "send" button now, done. Seriously, it's so easy even a cave man can do it, so what's stopping you?

Monday, February 8, 2016


At first I was gonna update the previous posting to let any other would be interested parties know that the Onyx mini-series has been sold but then I decided to just replace the previous posting since a sale announcement posting serves no real entertainment or archival purpose. But to those of you who caught it as I said I would probably include some envelope art in the deal. Oh indeed it's such a better deal then what was being offered up at ebay and it happened with only the 2nd interested party here only the first inquirer  turned out to be a flake.

Nothing new to talk about or share here and I suspect their won't be until around FCBD. I've seen on twitter and facebook how people are just sucking up to IDW about the new series with the usual base compliments and "likes" it's like nobody dares post anything negative any where where Chris Ryall might see it. I know for a fact that most everybody is not happy with the new look for ROM rather you hate it or just think it needs some more work. I Also know many of you have been waiting for this for a long time so don't you owe it to your self to take a few minutes and let IDW know what's on your mind instead of just passively watching them  . . . do what it is they're doing like a deer in headlights? Well I certainly have, although I'm not holding my breath for IDW to ever print that letter.


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February 10th Update:  WRITING WORKS!!! I will have you all know that I just copied and pasted Joseph's comment with the facebook replies into an email and fired it off to IDW and got a pretty prompt response. Out of respect for confidentiality I won't make their response public but I can assure you all that IDW is aware of the public criticism of the new look for ROM but seem to be "bewildered" about it. The correspondence actually went on as I'm writing this update which is around 11 AM pacific time. They even refereed to the manga style armor of the Jim Starlin 2001 spaceknights mini-series as rationale for this new look for ROM. I even told em straight up just go with what you guys had on the cover and how we were all happy with that and the collective WTF through out the internet when we saw the inside pages. Folks, it's clear to me IDW just doesn't get it and we're going down the Star Wars pre-quel path here with George Lucas. At what point did it make good marketing sense in the field of creative arts to not listen to the fans? For fuck's sake if you care anything for The Greatest of the spaceknights and the legacy of Bill Mantlo & Sal Buscema's creation email IDW now! Or hit em up on twitter and farcebook, it may be all for nothing but ask your self . . . what would ROM do?

Rom on roids cover variant by Michael Golden
Update February 13th: Thank you to Brian W. for bringing this to my attention today (see today's comments). It's nice to see an old school ROM cover artist back at it again although to be honest this isn't some of the best work from him I've ever seen especially if you compare it to the ROM covers he did in the 80s. All of which I love ofcourse but may favorite I think is issue 18 with ROM and The X-Men fighting Hybrid. Notice how the armor design here is more a reflection of the zero issue art cover as opposed to the interior? Don't know if that's what Rom's neutrilizer is gonna look like even though we don't get a really good look at it here. I hope IDW doesn't foul that up to and come up with something radically different looking not to mention that cool looking straight line stream of crimson energy that the neutrilizer discharged. If you're in the mood to see a some old school Mantlo/Golden era fan art check out what I found today over at deviant art . . .

Update February 14th: Now that's more the kind of ROM I want to see. I lifted this image off of the latest Hasbro cinematic multiverse online chatter this morning. I'm not gonna get into all that but I just really like this illustration ROM looks so fucken slick not all "beefed up" and clumsy looking like that Michael Golden variant. Like I said before the minor but noticeable changes IDW had for him at first were fine with me but they just went way too far.