Thursday, September 1, 2022


So from time to time I like to post public art I discover that's related to the comic book/sci-fi/fantasy genre that I discover by chance. Well here's the latest on, which I found in San Francisco recently. As you can see it's clearly derived from TRON Legacy. A really beautiful mural especially on the details on her face it's just too bad it wasn't done on a smoother surface instead of a corrugated roll up door.

And I just wanted to also remind you that the TRON Legacy trailer 2 included a brief shot of ROM spaceknight 26 along with some other cool 80s Easter eggs.

In this latest sketch card fan art, an unknown spaceknight takes center stage in repelling a dire wraith invasion war fleet.

September 11 Update: On something of a side note here. I have to mention how much of a pleasant surprise last week's announcement of Sabra's inclusion into the MCU was to me. As was the casting choice of Shira Hass given her age and physic. What wasn't a big surprise at all was the antisemitic backlash on social media. The MCU's interpretation of the Sabra character in Captain America: New World Order will be interesting to say the least and needless to say I'm looking forward to seeing how this continues to unfold over the next year or so.