Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A blast from the past with a clip art re-panel

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Too bad that re-panel blog called it quits a while back I think this would have been a good entry. I realized over this past Memorial Day weekend that part of the art work in my last fan art piece might actually work pretty well as a re-panel for some clip art in issue 51 so I gave it a shot. I tell ya, when you do something like this you get a real appreciation for the talent and hard work that it takes to be a professional comic book artist. Even more so when you think of the best of the best like our pal Sal.

Nova & Turbo re-panel New Warriors 35
May 27th Update: This morning I felt like doing a quickie re-panel sketch with out the benefit of any pre-existing art work of mine as seen above. If you go back three postings you'll see a cool panel from New Warriors 35. Again it's a unique challenge to re-panel some clip art done by a pro. It's not likely you can do it better but if you can come up with something that's visually interesting then I think you've got something that you can proudly share.
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May 30th Update: Score! just found this Dire Wraith reference today in a copy of Avengers 251 that was in a discount back issue box for next to nothing. Finding this now is kinda ironic ever since having seen Avengers: Age of Ultron I've thought about doing a Vision ROM team up fan art piece.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Always cool when your letter gets published

This past weekend I found a copy of Avengers Academy #27 which I had been made recently aware (thanks Gary) of as having letter I wrote (under the pen name "Sol Rosenberg", any other Jerky Boys fans out there?) back in 2012 to the editor William Rosemann. I had actually written two letters but completely forgot about this one until recently. This one was written after the first issue of a 3 issue story arc that included the return of one of ROM's top deadliest enemies, Hybrid. But by the time the 3rd issue came along my attitude had changed drastically when I realized marvel had failed yet to do justice to the ROM legacy. So I wrote a rather critical follow up letter which obviously didn't make it into any Avengers Academy letter columns but I did have it in a past posting along with Rosemann's reply : )

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=Oh man after posting the letter page related stuff I got a call from work letting me know I can have the day off from work because it's so slow this week. I'm so sprung right now it makes me feel like doing a another drawing I've been meaning to get to for a while now. This scene didn't quite turn out the way I envisioned at first but this is basically how I see an encounter going between ROM and Dr. Doom.

Also, I found something cool on Figure Realm today . . .
and for fans of the Masters of the Universe mini comics . . .