Friday, October 29, 2010

World War Z authur Max Brooks talks about his love of ROM comic book in MTV interview

This article was sent to me from It's a Dan's World ( see blog roll ) this morning. What a great find and a great way to kick the day off. The article got me thinking about those iconic 80's MTV commercials I watched as a kid. So the idea for an image on this blog posting to go along with the article came to me quite naturally of course.

MTV: I know you're a longtime comics reader, but now that you're a comics writer, is there a project or a character that you're dying to tackle?

BROOKS: I've always loved comics — especially being as dyslexic as I am, comics were a great way to read for me. They sort of opened the door to reading for me. I think the first thing I ever read in my entire life, comics or otherwise, is the very first "Rom: Spaceknight" annual.

MTV: Seriously? I'm amazed this hasn't come up earlier. I'm sort of a big "Rom" geek myself...

BROOKS: You know, "Rom" is the only comic that I've ever seriously collected. I've never been a collector really, but with "Rom" I was there. When I was a little kid and that moment happened when first read something start to finish, that was so empowering. It was like that "Back To The Future" moment when George McFly punches Biff in the face, and he's like, "Wow, look what I can do!" That's how it felt.

But once again proving how my finger is not on the pulse, all my friends growing up were into X-Men, Justice League, and Superman, and there was "Crisis On Infinite Earths" and all that, and there I was reading "Rom." Now that we've seen what special effects can do for "Iron Man," though, I'm like, "Come on, folks. Rom. Let's do it."

MTV: Wow. I can't argue with you there. Go Rom!

MTV commercial clip of planting of the MTV flag on the moon from the dawn of the 80's. You remember how that music goes right?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Optimus Prime, Robocop and The Greatest of the Spaceknights together for the first time, sort of

Well how about this! Somebody out there who would prefer to remain anonymous felt bad about my farewell post and sent this to me. This is cool for a number of reasons. First, you have three of some of the coolest characters in sci-fi represented. Plus, this is an intriguing and just all around clever way of bringing them together (in a manner of speaking). Robocop exiting Optimus Prime who happens to have a ROM custom paint job, now that's pretty original. As I understand it this was originally just Robocop and Optimus. A version that included ROM was later created for my benefit. It should also be noted that rumor has it that Robocop was actually based on a combination of ROM and Judge Dredd. It's not that crazy when you think about. The adherence to the law or a code, and an unwavering sense of duty, justice and order were trademark personality traits of all three characters. And it just so happens that the same obviously can be said for Optimus Prime as well. Another cool thing worth mentioning and about why I like this is that drawing the parallels between ROM and Optimus Prime was the very first posting to kick off this blog.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good grief where is my head at!? I almost forgot October is breast cancer awareness month

This posting came as an after thought since my farewell posting early this morning. My earliest recollection with my fascination of women's mammary glands was from the first Swamp Thing movie (I was about 11) with Adrienne Barbeau running around in this white torn up dress she was barley wearing. I've matured some what since then, so today I understand fighting breast cancer is first and foremost about saving lives. But, if we can save some breasts in the process I say all the better. At the end of the ROM series he and Brandy got to be together as human beings for the first time. They've been through so much tragedy and we all want them to live happily ever after ( at least in our imaginations ). So especially with ROM about to get laid for the first time in over 200 years we don't want anything spoiling the quality time for this special couple. So just give a little to the cause at the supermarket, Walmart or where ever you see a breast cancer research donation opportunity this month.
Right click to enlarge
And if what I said before doesn't raise your social consciouses, here are some photos of Comic-Con costumes that may give you guys some extra added incentive to dish out a couple of bucks for this noblest of noble causes. Just think, any one of these lovely ladies could be breast cancer survivors who were able to avoid any sort of invasive procedures thanks to the advancement of cancer research. This is no laughing matter. For a lot of guys who go to these conventions this is as close to being with an actual woman as they'll ever get with out an up front payment.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"And like that - poof, he's gone"

Pretty much from the beginning until issue 20 this mysterious fellow was the head honcho directing all Dire-Wraith operations on Earth. As you can see here they always referred to him as "Most High One". Not too be taken in a Bob Marley kind of way but more like the elder most powerful vampire among much younger vampires kind of way. We also never got to see his face since Sal Buscema always drew his face hidden by shadows or obscured in some other way. He had an array of powers including energy discharge, hypnosis and the ability to summon a Death Wing at will. But as of issue 20 in which he collaborates with the evil spaceknight Mentus in a scheme to lure ROM back to Galador we never see him again. I don't know maybe this guy was really Kaiser Soze from "The Usual Suspects" or something. At any rate it's a shame given the character's high standing among Wraith kind and the mystery surrounding him I think there was some real potential for the Most High One to stir up trouble for Rom and Earth's heroes later in the series. If it were up to me I would definitely revisit this character in any future story lines for ROM Spaceknight.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SALE! SALE! SALE! on ROM & other Marvel titles

For any of you fans out there interested in your very own set of ROM comics, I have one I'm parting with. The comics are all in F-NM quality, all bagged and boarded and ready to ship. Issues are 1-75 + 4 annuals and I'm offering them for $100 + shipping, so I'm trying to undercut that and make you a deal. On top of this I also have lots of F-NM random issues, so if you're missing any issues to complete your collection, I'll make you a deal. Beyond that I also have over 2,000 assorted, The Hulk, Dr. Strange, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, X-Men . . .If you're looking for anything in particular or have any questions drop me a line or leave a message in the comments section! If your looking to have that one of a kind item of your favorite character or just need the perfect gift for someone special I also do commission art jobs. I can be reached at:

"I'm ROM, Greatest of the Spaceknights and I approve this message"

Monday, October 11, 2010

ToyFare Magazine - ROM action figure arrival issue

Ok I'm still sticking to what I said about the Torpedo figure in my last posting but I have to admit this ROM figure is a close second. Plus I thought it would makes for a good cover shot (especially with a little photoshop enhancement) . I don't really know much about it other then that it's creator is someone by the name of Alyosha and that he had it on ebay around June last year. Presumably it sold because according to a blog posting by Eclectic Lee (see blog role) it was going for up to $66 at one point. Sure a bit pricey for an action figure but hey, it's a one of a kind sorta thing not too mention all the work that went into it. And if need be you can always get by on bread and water for a week or so. Not really that big of a deal especially when you consider David Blaine went with out food for nearly a month in yet another one of his acts of insanity . . er i mean endurance. You can find out more about how it was put together:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend double header posting featuring ROM & The Torpedo

I'm sure this front & back cover splash page from Marvel Universe #9 should help out any of you out there who may have had some trouble finding our silver spaceknight in my last posting. I was at a 7 11 with my dad when by chance I first saw this issue . It blew me away to run into comic book title that featured ROM so prominently> on it's cover. This was long before I had my own money so I had to hit the old man up to buy it for me which he was glad to do cause he new how much I loved all things ROM.
Imagine my disappointment a few years later to discover the deluxe version of Marvel Universe's page for ROM drawn by Steve Dikto who portrayed ROM in human form wearing an outfit that looked more like something to be worn by Galador's official court jester then by it's ruler. As if that wasn't bad enough ROM was also completely absent on the front and back covers. "So f#$% you Marvel you can blow me for that issue!" Sorry folks for that vulgar display of profanity but I really needed to get that off my chest. And so, moving on . . .

The Torpedo Custom Action Figure

Now I know not every person who's a ROM fan is also a fan of The Torpedo but as ROM's unofficial side kick I think he deserves some attention too, especially in light of his untimely demise (see issue 50). Here is a guy many of us can relate to. A family man trying to juggle his career and being a part time hero so he can remember what life was like before marriage. And with a name like Brock Jones who knows what sort of life he had back then. Rather ironic I think that Brock would some day become a super hero known as The "Torpedo".
I came across this figure online by chance and I have to admit it looks pretty damn good with the detail and all. And as much as I hate to admit it, it looks better then any of the ROM custom figures I've seen floating around out there thus far. So rest in peace Brock and take your place among the fallen heroes in the Marvel Universe. Even though you had the misfortune of having had your brains sucked out of your head through the barbed tongue of a Wraith at least some fanboy out there made a cool action figure of you. For a recap of issue 50 go to :

Friday, October 8, 2010

Forget Waldo, where's the silver spaceknight?

Remember those stupid picture things that you were supposed to stare at for hours and an image was supposed to materialize in your head like a sail boat or some crap like that? Never worked for me. But I sure didn't have that problem the first time I picked up a copy of the Marvel Universe issue that covered the "Rs". You couldn't miss the big silver guy on that cover! See how long it takes you to spot him on this Jackson Pollock like Marvel master piece.

If it just isn't coming to you don't fret, my next posting in a couple of days will include a cheat sheet that happens to be some of the coolest ROM art of the 80's ever! The 80's, can't lived with em anymore, but can't live completely with out em either. No comments please that will give his location away. Think of it as talking about Darth Vader being Luke's father as you walk past a line of people waiting to to see the next showing of The Empire Strikes Back.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

MARVEL FANFARE starring Dr. Strange & ROM

I came across a photo of ~P~ from Sanctum Sanctorum in a full on Dr. Strange costume (winner of the Wizard mag. 6th Annual Halloween costume contest) and I just knew I would have to do something with that! So along with some ROM costume clip art I found online I came up with a way to re-introduce The Greatest of the Spaceknights and the Master of the Mystic Arts who have teamed up on more then one occasion.
When you think about it, ROM#65 should have had Dr.Strange play a pivotal role in winning the Dire Wraith war much like Forge did. Especially when you consider the mystical nature of the impending apocalyptic Wraith World Merge, not to mention the appearance of virtually every other Marvel super hero. The issue opens up with ROM under some sort of spell that had him immobilized. Maybe instead of a kiss from Brandy like something out of a Disney fairytale, Dr. Strange arriving on the scene to caste a counter spell might have suited the story line a bit better I think. He didn't even make a token appearance like maybe one of those panels where you barely see him in the back ground some where amongst other heroes. Just one of those stupid over sights I guess that happens once in a while. But since Steve Dikto penciled this issue it was pretty much f@#$%* anyways from the get go (see Aug. 22 posting).

Friday, October 1, 2010

ROM #26 cover spotted in TRON Legacy trailer

A special thanks to Andrew Cosson for bringing this to my attention. You are not seeing things. If you've managed not to get distracted by the gorgeous red head in the Black Widow costume I had open in photoshop when I took this screen shot you'll notice that indeed that is ROM#26. Now that's what I call staying power for a 80's Marvel character who's series ended 25 years ago! Given how nicely staged everything is in that seen with the Black Hole movie art and the Rubix cube I'm thinking it's not a coincidence that a ROM issue is in there too. It's too bad they didn't have the len's view so that we could see a bit of the "ROM" title but that might be because of the letter box format. To theck out the trailer go to: