Friday, August 27, 2010

Ant-Man fixes his daughter's ROM doll

I just stumbled across this two panel image of something I had never seen before. What we seem to have here is ROM appearing in the Marvel Universe as the Parker Bros. doll instead of as a interactive character. As we all know Ant-Man and ROM have appeared together before but not quite like this. At least now for all of you collectors out there who still have the doll now know who to go to if it gets busted. But were not talking about Henry Pym here. Apparently this was an ex-con named Scott Lang who had a daughter and was Ant-Man for a while. I think it would have been an extra added nice touch to make the anatomy of the figure in the drawing look like the Parker Bros. one for authenticities sake.
 January 2013 update:
Also, the full issue can be read here:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raiders of The Lost Torpedo Suite

I haven't see much info. out there in the ROM cyberspace cult following about matters having to do with the Torpedo. The Torpedo suite was presumably destroyed in a fire sometime after Brock Jones was slain by the dire wraiths. The wraith who took Jone's identity was in turn killed by some Skrulls who then torched the Jones home.
It turns out some years later the Torpedo suite is being worn by an Asian woman who at one point was part of the New Warriors team under the name of Turbo. Turbo, along with the rest of The New Warriors would come to fight the
dire wraith "queen" by the name of Volx who has traveled to Earth for revenge in regards to Earth's victory over the wraiths as seen in ROM # 65. However, Volx looks more like something from John Carpenter's brilliant remake of The Thing then what we remember of the wraiths from the 80's. I dunno maybe it's because she's supposed to be the queen or something. For a more complete background of Volx and Turbo go to:

Funny thing is they refer to the Torpedo suite as The Torpedo "armor". Which is funny cause in this picture to the left the suite looks more like something that was spray painted on her. Not that I'm complaining mind you!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How Steve Dikto all but ruined ROM for me as a kid

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Steve Dikto started taking over as penciler in ROM # 59. Fortunately his influence wasn't too pronounced thanks to the assistance of contributing finishers up until issue 64. I think of Steve Dikto as having been a man/artist for his time which was back in the day when Marvel was just getting started. But those days of Steve Dikto had long since passed as of the early 80's as far as I'm concerned. As a kid, to see the transition of the visually dynamic style of Sal Buscema ( original ROM penciler ) to Steve Dikto which to me was goofy by camparison almost broke my heart at the time. Feel free anyone out there to weigh in on this issue of mine. Also, there is a great youtube video about the career of Sal Buscema which has a mention of ROM in the narration and also features the first page of ROM # 1 and later the cover of ROM # 36 in the video's conclusion.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally! I've been contacted by a fellow ROM fan out there.

I'm happy to say the artist (Scott Rosema)for this art finally contacted this blog and gave us some specifics about how this piece was put together. Scott does commission work that as you can see is quite impressive. Check the comments for this posting for more info. about this particular piece and Scott's services. I mean talk about a way to really impress someone special you know who might happen to be a ROM fan. Again, thank you Tony (the proud owner of this piece) contributing it to my blog.