Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Doctor Strange movie review quickie and more cool stuff

Although we could all tell pretty easily from the initial movie promos that Benedict Cumberbatch was gonna make a great Stephen Strange I never the less felt that the movie trailers didn't really give you a sense if this movie was gonna be any good or not. My biggest fear was that this was gonna be one of those comic book based movies in which they handle the main character fairly well but wrap him up in a forgettable story filled with dull secondary characters a tedious special effects dog n' pony show. I'm really happy to say that was hardly the case and that this film is yet another fine edition to the Marvel cinematic universe. I don't want to turn this into a long winded review but suffice it to say this movie has most everything you'd expect from a well done comic book adaptation film. It's faithful to the source material and yet a bit different where it needs to be. Good character development, a well paced story, Easter eggs and good humor mixed in with serious drama. There were a lot of great moments but perhaps one of my favorites was what felt to me like a tribute scene to The Empire Strikes Back with Luke on Hoth. The script does a fairly good job of explaining things so you don't get too lost given the very supernatural nature theme of the film. And perhaps best of all we most certainly will see Stephen Strange team up with The Avengers some where down the road the movie makes that pretty clear. If you wanna know more just go see it. Just on a side note I wanted to mention that I knew a guy in high school named Chris Strange. Yep that was his actual last name.

Not to be confused with the Doctor Strange character, Strange magazine was a french publication which basically reprinted Marvel comics for french speaking readers ofcourse. In the case of this cover art they used elements from a splash page on page 4 and 8 of Rom spaceknight 41.

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As supposedly the more highly evolved members of the primate family we humans tend to be drawn to shinny things so in a way I guess that's kinda how I found this on the internet this morning. This is pretty bad ass but unfortunately not much in the way of information like who the artist is and what not was available. Perhaps somebody out there who knows a bit more about this can help us out with that in the comments section?

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November 11 update: My buddy Dale did a similar clip art Donald Trump meme in which he made Trump into a skrull so I told him I'd do the same and make him a dire wraith. All post election drama aside you gotta admit this is pretty funny.

Friday, November 4, 2016

My scathing letter to IDW found in ROM (in name only) issue 4

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Well you can all thank ROM curator Gary Martin Jr. for this weekend's blog posting. This letter page that Gary sent me is from a digital copy of "Rom the spacknight" issue 4. Gotta say I was pretty surprised IDW printed that one. Well I'll tell you this Mr. Ryall, I'll take the "knee high metal disco boots" over the anime style metal snow boots you came up with for your ROM in name only series. I think Ryalls reasoning for having ditched ROM's classic hardware was also bullshit. Prior to this letter being published I had several correspondences earlier this year with IDW by email in regards to my ROM re-design grievances. And each time their responses becameare more baffling I feel like we're really talking two different languages just as you see here with chris ryall's reply to my letter. I mean we might as well be a Clinton and Trump supporter debating political-ideological differences which as you can imagine would be as pointless as a tic tac toe game or a dog chasing it's own tail.
Have you seen the cover variants for that issue yet? Most of em look like shit, all these cover variants idw keep doing are the same thing over and over again do you think it would kill em to make a cover that's a reflection of the story inside the issue for a change? So now I have to deal with the dilemma of "to buy or not to buy" ROM in name only number 4. I vowed to never buy any of IDW's shit ever again after the shitty Micronauts #1 but I might have to make an exception for this issue given that it does have a letter from me giving me now a total of 4 different titles I've now had my letters published in.

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Also from Gary we've got some old school stuff. This here comes from a Comics Buyer's Guide special on HULK back issues complete with a price guide and brief review on all the issues it covered. The special also included an entry for Incredible Hulk 262 (dire wraith back story) but I'm just featuring the entry for 296 because this one has a been of interesting commentary. Gary also found some entries for X-Men 187 and 188 for an X-Men Comics Buyer's Guide Presents special. But the asshole who did those entry write ups was a real dick head with his smart ass remarks about how the dire wraiths were some kinda second rate villains and what not. I'm not posting his shit fuck him.

November 5 update: Buying a copy for the IDW Rom in name only series for me is a lot like casting a ballot in the 2016 presidential election. Most people don't want to do it but feel like they have to in order to keep the option they hate even more out of the Oval Office. In my case I don't want to give IDW any of my money but not having a copy of my letter might be a worse option then this one time only purchase. Figures my LCS (CRUSH COMICS) only had one of the shitty cover art variants in stock. Apparently the ROM in name only series is selling better then the shitty Micronauts reboot from IDW according to the owner of CRUSH.

November 6 update: This is why I like people who leave comments I basically had no idea the cover variant I picked up yesterday was done by Al Milgrom and was a homage piece to Iron Man 80. Although I think it worked much better on the Iron Man cover. And just for the record I'm not just beating up on Al I've also pooped on cover variants done by Sal Buscema and Michael Golden it just seems to me that these cover variants from IDW lately don't bring out the best in these iconic Marvel 80s artsists. Although I betcha if Milgrom had done this homage cover in the RTO (Rom the original) series it would have come out much better then this RINO crap (Rom in name only).