Tuesday, May 29, 2018

ROM spaceknight issue 32 spotted in the making of Black Panther feature

So this past Memorial Day weekend I was watching a special behind the scenes making of Black Panther. Unfortunately this smart phone snap shot of the tv screen was the best I could do with capturing the moment where a copy of ROM 32 is briefly spotted as Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is reminiscing about his experience growing up in Oakland and seeking out comics that featured black super heroes. Ya know it was kinda cool to see a contemporary TV program that had a ROM issue in it even though it's appearance was purely coincidental.

In other news of this past weekend I saw Solo a Star Wars Story in Alameda which is a city that sits on an island right next to Oakland. I didn't think too much of the movie but the theater it's self is always fun to go to for a number of reasons including the cool promotional props they usually have there.

May 31st Update: Apparently these new spaceknights Heroclix figurines are the latest buzz among ROM fans. For some reason they looked really fake to me at the website they were first found on it's as if they were just some sort of fan produced digital art or something. So for the sake of verification I went to ebay and sure enough I found them so it appears they are quite real.

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Ya know I gotta ask. Do people ever buy these type of gaming figurines or ships/vehicle sets like from Star Wars and Star Trek (I have a couple) to actually play the games or to just have the pieces to play with or for display purposes? I don't know one person who actually plays these games in fact.

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June 4th Update: Saw this Thanos issue at a comic shop yesterday in Oakland and I knew right away what 80s classic cover art it was paying homage to.