Monday, April 26, 2010

Before Optimus Prime, there was Rom - Greatest of the Spaceknights

Even if only one person ever looks at this blog I wanted to make this point. We all love Optimus Prime ofcourse. But when you think about it, King Arthur aside, Rom was the first metal clad philosopher/warrior type character. He's wise and never wavers from his code of ethics. He'll take down the most horrific Wraith creation and almost get himself killed in the process, but still find a way to save a kid's ant farm from a burning house. Like Optimus, Rom's only real weakness is that he's idealistic to a fault at times and puts too much faith in humanity. But even when that sort of rosey outlook on things got him into trouble you still couldn't help but admire him and his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice at any time for the greater good.