Saturday, April 30, 2022

Neal Adams, the passing of a titan 1941-2022

With William Hurt's reoccurring role as General "Thunderbolt" Ross, this is now the second time this year someone who made their mark on the comic book genre industry has passed away. In honor of Neal Adams legacy in all aspects (as an artist and advocate for artist rights) of the comic book industry I'm posting this mind blowing splash page of Armor 2 from Continuity Comics that Adams penciled. This scene definitely gives new meaning to the splash in splash page. His art work is really timeless. You could take anything he did like on Batman or in The X-Men of the late 70s and it'll hold up to anything in contemporary comic book art. Unlike Ditko, Adams would have made a great replacement for Sal Buscema on the ROM Spaceknight series. On an interesting side note I just learned that Neal Adams was Jewish although as far as I can tell Adams is the family name he was born with.

And speaking of all things ROM, here's the latest envelope fan art for my friend and artistic collaborator in Greece. Turns out aside from our mutual love of science fiction and comics we're also on the same page politically on most things so bonus points to the 4 or 5 people who will see this posting and get the significance of ROM and company attacking the military forces that this tank belongs to. 

It's been quite a while since I've had something to post outside of fan art so today is a pleasant change of pace. This is no doubt one of the most obscure ROM Easter eggs I've ever come across. This panel is from issue 11 of the mid to late 80s comic book series X-Thieves published by COMICS Interview Publications. From what I've seen of it online it's a rather quirky and all around bizarre story line that probably is best enjoyed if the reader doesn't expend too much time and energy trying to make sense of it. I don't think it's any coincidence that right next to the ROM mask is another one of a toaster oven.

 May 7th Update: It's down right creepy how the death of yet another legendary artist from the comic book industry (George Perez ofcourse) should not only happen basically a week after Neal Adams passing but also on this year's Free Comic Book Day. As an artist, pretty much all the words of praise I gave to Adams also applies to Perez. His work was timeless in it's quality and appeal. Rest In Peace George.

June 5th Update: I just got back from a weekend in Sacramento California and I saw this Thanos mural in the downtown area so I was like...."yeah I need to do one more update to this posting". It's a real pleasure to post some little known sci-fi or comic book based public art once in a while. I have no idea who did this all I can tell you is that upon a closer look I could see this was painted on two separate horizontal pieces of plywood like boards.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Revisiting some great fan art

Ron Joseph

Rich Wentworth

 Andrew Cosson

Jeff Slemmons

Digital artist unknown

Nothing new really in terms of fan art or anything else ROM related that's interesting in recent weeks so I decided to post some good fan art that's been around for a while on other social media sites. Their is however one piece out there that's turned up in recent weeks that's at least worth having a look at. It's not on the same level as the stuff I'm featuring in this posting but like I said it's at least worth having a look at Rom Serpentyne by c-lee-b on DeviantArt

April 12th Update: Looks like I may have spoken a bit too soon about nothing new that was ROM related worth looking at. Here's a treat for anyone looking at this posting who may be watching the Disney Plus Moon Knight series or otherwise a Moon Knight fan. Also, here's a really cool animated Moon Knight Gif by the same artist . .
April 17th Update: And we even have something new for Micronauts fans out there. This is the latest from Chris Batista. A great concept and an all around solid piece of art and nostalgia.