Friday, May 24, 2013

Wizard Magazine Calendar May 1998 (Rom, Micronauts, NOVA) 3 of 3

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Aside from this awesome final edition of these Wizard Magazine Calendars postings I want to make sure I leave you all with some cool stuff to enjoy for your Memorial Day weekends. First up we have a Podcast re-enactment of Incredible HULK #318 (Bruce Banner & Betty Ross wedding issue) and #319 by Rick "Smash" Hansen:
And if you're also in the mood for some good laughs with "F" bomb comic books reviews of cool shit from the 80s there's a new Youtube video by the one and only Kingofthessaly

May 25th Update New Rom related fan art found

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wizard Magazine December 1997 Calendar (Rom, Dr. Strange, Man -Thing) 2 of 3

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This one here features Rom along with Dr. Strange and The Man-Thing so hopefully Ptor from the Sanctum Sanctorum blog is looking at this. Ironically we also have Swamp Thing present which happens to be one of my favorites from DC back in the good ol days before that atrocious relaunch. The next up, Rom, The Micronauts and NOVA.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wizard Magazine Calendar Rom appearance June 1997 1 of 3

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You all can thank Gary Martin Jr. for the this series of postings of these Wizard Magazine Calendars with art by Brian Ahern. As you'll see from this posting and from the next two Gary's been busting ass doing some serious Rom curating recently. Until Gary sent these to me I had no idea Wizard magazine even had these Marvel Age Magazine like calendars in them.
Gary has reason to believe that issues #67 and #68 come with a Star Wars and/or X-Men-Wildcats poster which have calendars on the back of em that may have a Dire Wraith appearance so if any of you have these issues please step forward. As it stand right now I should be posting these calendars every couple of days till the end of this week.

And by the way here's some links to the latest Rom related fan art that's turned up in just the last few days.
ROM featured in the comic book homage cover art blog today:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big WOW Comic Con San Jose CA. 2013

Of all the great artists that were present yesterday the one I really had something to say to was Bill Sienkiewicz. As one the 80s power house Marvel artists who's art has graced the covers of Rom as well as other Rom related books I would say Sienkiewicz had the most unique style of all of them. As a kid I certainly didn't fully appreciate his slightly impressionistic style of comic book art.
But as I got older I started to see it in a different light and develop a new appreciation for it. I would dare say his style would serve well as a course study in modern art and perhaps even earn some respect from the snobbish art crowd that usually regard comic book art beneath their notice. It was really nice to be able to share that epiphany I've had in recent years about his work and he was quite humble in his appreciation of what I had to say. Bill Sienkiewicz, an all around stand up guy.
Of course I also picked up a number of back issues from some discount bins with issues going for only a dollar and others for as low as 25 cents. I got Fantastic Four # 243 (epic John Byrne Galactus cover), Bug (from the Micronuats) one shot and all 4 issues of the Micronauts/X-Men mini-series for only a quarter each. And then there was Incredible Hulk #319 that I got for a dollar which contains a Rom flash back cameo which I've blogged about before:  Plus, it turns out that Fantastic Four# 243 contained a Rom related footnote from when the big G and his asshole herald Terrax got their asses handed to them by both Galador and Wraith World.

And what con would be complete with out some cosplay maidens?

And there was even more cool stuff there but that part of it I uploaded to Youtube for your viewing pleasure

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Banishing your blues to Limbo with a funny Rom related comic strip

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Just by chance I came across this little Rom related comic strip by Brad Dwyer. I thought it was pretty funny mostly because of the dialogue it sounds a lot like something I would be thinking if I were in the same situation. Although I think I would have dropped the "F" bomb after the word complete in the second panel.

And on the matter of back issues and other such comic book related matters I thought you all might like to have a look at my local comic shop. That theater right next to it is where I saw Iron Man 3 last weekend. It's the first time I had been there for years ironically but I should make a point of going there to see movies more often as a matter of supporting local businesses.
I'm looking for some opinions on this other Rom fan art I just found. I like the colors, the layout and Bill Sienkiewicz like style but the way this guy drew Rom him self just kinda spoiled this piece for me:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some Rom fan art that's down right biblical & some over due Sabra fan art (Plus more!)

By Iszy Iszard
I dunno about the rest of you all out there but when I first saw this piece it had a biblical feel to it kinda like the way sunlight pierces through cloud formations some times at that perfect point int he day. Rom almost has a messianic way about him here as one who is coming down from the heavens to cleanse us of our sins or more specifically of Wraith kind on Earth. All that aside this is good from a figure composition stand point and I like the muted use of colors they work well here. Rom's ignited rocket pods look especially awesome too.
This piece was done late last year but as I said before hardly a month doesn't go by where I don't discover any where from 3 - 4 newly created works of Rom fan art. Just as an example here are just a few links to some of the stuff from May alone. And we're not even quite half way through this month yet. Also, keep in mind these links are not the stuff I've featured here on this blog (both mine and others) from the month of May so all together that constitutes even more new Rom fan art.

And speaking of some of my own fan art here's some stuff I'm playing around with this weekend . . .

Yeah I know, one of those issues that sadly never was. It's too bad it would have been epic!

And speaking of all things biblical here's Marvel's greatest superhero from The Promise Land. After having been telling myself I'm going to be doing some Sabra fan art for months now I finally got my shit together this weekend and got it done. Check out all these different versions of Marvel MicroHeroes there are for Sabra:

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Next up I'd like to talk about here is that among other things I've been watching the Dredd DVD this weekend. As I was watching the Extras (Mega-City Masters: 35 Years of Judge Dredd) look who I happened to notice among other commentators. IDW writer and Rom fan Chris Ryall who as many of you know has been in collaboration with the legendary Sal Buscema and helped make the recent Rom bonus pin up page a reality.

Alright I've got one more thing I'm going to add here that just got uploaded by K.O.T (ThekingofThessaly). Check out this cool Cloak N' Dagger tin that K.O.T uses for storage of his "herbal medicines". Plus, enjoy his latest back issue haul and him ripping on the Ghost Rider movies:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tony Stark doesn't always get the girl

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So I hope you all enjoy this bit of digital eye candy I put together in photoshop. In a manner of speaking there really was a team up between these two superheroes and something like this hypothetical scene actually did play out in the Rom series. If you recall Iron Man was among the superheroes that made an appearance in the now classic Rom spaceknight 65 which was the climatic battle ending the Wraith War on Earth. Iron Man was even on the cover art if you recall:  And lest we not forget he was also in the aftermath issue on both the interior and cover as well in #66:  Unfortunately ol shell head didn't have any lines in the before mentioned issues but he did in this cameo panel way back in Rom spaceknight #23. I bet even those of you who have this issue forgot about this one.

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Rom curator Gary Martin Jr.was also kind enough to remind me that Iron Man made flash back cameo appearances in Rom #50, 54 and 71. Despite having had my complete Rom collection for most of my life I never realized how often Iron Man appeared in the series in one way or another until I sat down and drafted this posting.
Also worth mentioning in Iron Man #190 Tony Stark used a hand held version of the neo-Neutrilizer (created by Forge to combat Dire Wraiths) to defeat the mutant Termite. To recap the issue:

And just in case you missed this custom Rom made from an Iron Man action figure the first time I posted it earlier this year.

Monday, May 6, 2013

More Bill Mantlo inspired fan art from the recent C2E3 Chicago Con

Hat tip to Rick Hansen again for providing me with these photo images of the front and back covers of Marvel Now's Indestructible HULK. The awesome custom front and back cover art (by artist Corey Hamscher) is part of a raffle fund raiser for Bill Mantlo's care.
I really like this guy's dynamic drawing style. And look at the faces too. He even managed to make Rom's "face" look expressive.

And one other cool thing from Rick to share. Here's a Michael Golden signed copy of Micronauts #1.

 If you're a fan of Bill Mantlo, of Rom spaceknight, of the Jack of Hearts or of just hearing someone dropping the "F" bomb every other word on Youtube then this is the video for you:

Next up, Marvel team up digital art featuring Rom & Iron Man

Saturday, May 4, 2013

And the awesome fan art just keeps on coming!

Free Comic Book Day was a bust. I didn't see anything that was of any interest to me all the free comics were crap and they were using the back issue bin area for more space so I wasn't able to do my usual foraging there for cool old school shit. But fear not as you can see here I've always got cool new stuff to showcase that I'm quite certain most of you haven't seen yet.

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Here's something I found on Deviant Art a Eddy Barrows who hails from Brazil. This amazing piece is named simply "Marvels" and I'm glad he included the greatest of the spaceknights in the mix.

And in this next piece by dann phillips from deviant art we're takn it all the way back to the tail end of the 70s with the three coolest toy based comics of their day.

More awesome Bill Mantlo characters inspired fan art coming in just a few days!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rom, Silver Surfer, Nova and Quasar together for the first time

All this fan art I've been getting in recent weeks along with the Sal Buscema bonus pin-up page recently has gotten me all jazzed to do something myself. Here's a little something that's been in the back of my mind for a while now but until recently I hadn't been motivated to just sit down and do it.