Sunday, March 21, 2021

ROM spaceknight 48 spotted in the Star Wars tribute comedy FANBOYS

 It's currently a short list when it comes to known movies that ROM issues have been spotted in (Robocop, The Lost Boys, Explorers, Unbreakable and TRON the sequel) but it just got a bit longer now that I just saw Fan Boys (2009) for the first time today. Here's the scene

On something of a side note here, this movie is actually pretty funny and has a great soundtrack.

But also there's some sad news today. Yaphet Kotto has done a lot of work in both films (The Running Man, Live & Let Die from the James Bond film series, Raid on Entebbe etc.) and TV through out his career but my favorite role with him will forever be Parker in the sci-fi horror classic ALIEN. Much to my surprise right after learning about Kotto's passing I also found out that he was Jewish. I also wanted to mention the passing of Christopher Plummer earlier this year who was another good actor with films to his credit like Dreamscape, Dolores Claiborne and Star Trek The Undiscovered Country. Rest in peace gentlemen.

March 23rd Update: Just by blind luck while screwing around on twitter tonight I discovered this seemingly unknown awesome commission ROM art by artist Armando Ramirez.