Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some of that awesome ROM fan art I've had here before, check it out in color!

I can't take credit for this coloring job it was actually done by the original artist Dan Phillips I'm sure you all remember my posting not long ago of the black n' white version (July 1st posting). So much cool stuff having to do with ROM just seems to be coming out of the wood work lately it's almost like a part time job keeping this blog updated on a weekly basis.


Here's a little something I came up with last night. It seems I periodically find myself doing some sort of Bill Mantlo tribute art.

And speaking of the Micronauts I found this posting on a Micronauts face book page. Needless to say I thought it was pretty funny what this guy says. Honestly, why are people so squeamish about this blog's title? Especially in this day and age where Wolverine drops the "F" bomb in his latest movie? Which he also did in X-Men 1st Class too by the way. And just as Reminder even though Avenger Infinity #17 doesn't come out till August 7th I will have some more cool stuff next Thursday. August 1st.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ROM original art on ebay coming out of the wood work lately

This is pretty cool. I don't know who the artist is but it has a Bill Sienkiewicz style to it that's for sure. I've been finding so much stuff on ebay lately for sale that I thought the matter deserved this impromptu posting this morning before I go back to bed. When you go to ebay type in the key word search field "Rom spaceknight original art" to pull up the listing of the latest stuff complete with thumbnail images of course. A lot of it isn't bad and it's all pretty reasonably priced for working stiffs like us.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rom Liefeld . . er I meant to say Rom drawn by Rob Liefeld

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A big thanks to The King if Thessaly for giving me a heads up on this art work that turned up a day ago on Rob Liefeld's Instagram account. What a great find this is exactly the sort of thing this blog was made for. This would seem to confirm some speculation about Rob Liefeld being something of a ROM fan.

These images were picked up from a posting on Rob Liefeld Rom homage covers posted by Ptor from the Santcum Sanctorum last year March 13. So although the fan/sketch art at the top of the posting may be the first ever art for Rom by Liefeld it would seem he's had Rom on his mind for a while now.

Also, some new Rom originals just turned up on ebay recently. They're not bad for the most part but the Randy Green piece is my favorite:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back to Galador with spaceknights that don't suck! (Avengers Infinity#16)

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Well hopefully I'm not getting a ahead of my self here but it looks like Marvel may have actually gotten something right for a change when it comes to the ROM spaceknight legacy. There's not much to go on so far and I as of yet I have not read Avengers #16 this clip art and information comes compliments of Ptor from the Sanctum Sanctorum blog. But if nothing else, gone is the Manga inspired spaceknight armor along with the panzy ass excuses for spaceknights from the Annihilators mini-series that were more useless then red shirted Enterprise security personal from the original Star Trek series.
I never really bitched much about IKON and although she can never truly replace ROM I've always felt like she as a character had enough going for her in order to give old school ROM fans something to actually enjoy provided she be surrounded with the right kind of spaceknights and a Galador that makes sense. And judging from this panel I'd say Marvel finally figured out how to bridge the gap between new readers and those of us who were reading ROM in the 80s by giving us these well done updated spaceknights that are still quite faithful to the originals. 

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 Anybody remember this Ikon fan art I did almost two years ago? And speaking of fan art that deserves a second look . . .

A while back I provided a link to this fan art found at deviant art by a Brazilian artist who goes by the handle dichiara. I liked it then but after taking a second look at it I think this piece is good enough to deserve a feature blog posting. I think Rom's neautrilizer could have been done a bit better but it's otherwise a solid illustration that captures the feel of the character and is done well from a figure composition stand point.

You guys remember the superhero pillow from a couple of posting ago right? Thanks for the heads up on this photo Rick it's always nice to see Bill Mantlo in good spirits.

And for some good laughs, socially significant commentary along with a trip down memory lane we have some new Youtube videos by The King of Thessaly. First up we see Dr. Strange vs Morbius The Living Vampire and Rob Liefield and women's bodies (part 1) :
Part 2 features Quasar and Wonderman back issue tie-ins from Operation Galactic Storm, Eddie Brock's (Venom) mullet and a tutorial on how to make a white trash version of an Arnold Palmer:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bad ass new fan art and custom figures

As you can see here a certain someone from deviant art has been hard at work making more custom figures from the Spaceknight Squadron. Now I've featured the custom for Rakk the breaker before and more recently that of Vola the Trapper but here we see the addition of Unam the unseen. I also happen to like how they are staged here in this photo it's kinda reminiscent of Rom Annual 2. What a great issue that was, I loved seeing all those new spaceknights for the first time.

This awesome sketch card was sent to me by Rick Hansen earlier today from Artist's Alley at the g-fan fest. Here's the latest found Rom fan art out there for you all to check out and critique if you care to:

Thanks for posting this on face book Rick I'm sure fans of Mantlo's work outside of the Rom universe will appreciate seeing it here. This is the coolest rendering of the Human Fly I've ever seen he's usually not drawn to look this bad ass as he is here.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

More custom figures and a little art critique

Most of you remember Trapper (Vola) from the spaceknight squadron I'm sure. We first saw her along with the rest of the Squadron in ROM annual #2. It would be several years later that we would see her again as ROM found himself being reunited with his fellow spaceknights during his journey back to Galador toward toward the end of the series.

This custom figure update I'm adding needs no introduction.

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 Looks like there's a custom figure for just about every look Sabra has ever had since her first appearance about 30 years ago all the way up to her last known appearance.

Left click to enlarge
Remember how in the previous posting I was talking about how I rarely come across Rom related fan art that I all around really like and how most of what I see is often mediocre or a mixed bag? Now take a close look at this one. In particular how this scene is composed and how Rom is drawn. . . . . yeah you can tell this guy has some skills. But I don't if this guy just got lazy at a certain point in this illustration or if that's his genuine interpretation of the Hybrid character but the way his face is drawn just does not work in what is otherwise a well done drawing. It looks way too caricaturist almost like something you'd expect Fred Hembeck to draw. No offense to Hembeck, it's just not the drawing style I want to see here.
It's a pity this fan art was very close to being an all around great illustration like the Dann Phillips art work in the previous posting. And speaking of which there have been some recent new Rom fan art uncovered recently. Rather it's good or not I'll let you all decide for yourselves:
One last thing here, just to put into perspective what a good deal that Rom original by Dann Phillips was on ebay you'll pay $75 if you wan this one:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Keyboard tough guys & some sweet newly found original art

"Keyboard tough guy", that's the term I like to use for people who talk a big game on the internet but provide no follow through. But that has really nothing to do with these two tough guys other then that there's a keyboard in the back ground of this photo.

Lately I've been finding a lot of Rom related fan art out there. But most of it to be honest has been kinda mediocre or lacking in some way even if it had it's high lights. But for this one, it's all good as the saying goes. It is all around well done in both concept and technical execution. My guess is that these Dire Wraiths got blown out of there warship and Rom is banishing them all to Limbo before they die in the vacuum of space. With only about a day left this original art is going for just $40 on ebay.
And last up the King of Thessaly has a new video out of random happenstance in dirt mall questing. It appears as if he's for the most part sober but don't let that discourage you for watching: