Friday, September 1, 2023

Contest of Licensed Properties unredacted and in color for the first time

If this looks familiar to you this might be why . . .
There's this from earlier this from the tail end of last year . . .
In recent weeks I've become quite certain that the original art work by Alan Davis was colored only after it was redacted. If I'm right that's a damn shame, but I recently decided that I wanted to see what it would look like in color and with out all those annoying black boxes all over Davis's kick ass art work.

 The question of all questions as illustrated by Kapandais Nikolaos way back in 2018. Would The Greatest of the Spaceknights be able to lift Mjollnir? I'll let the 3 or 4 people out there who will come across this posting ponder that. 
Over the decades we've seen the Sabra character go through several costumes and hair styles. But depending on who was drawing her it seemed like she also went through a spectrum of ethnic appearances as well. Sometimes she's been drawn to look more ashkenazi (basically more caucasian) and others have drawn her with more sephardic (Middle Eastern) features. I'm sure there's a further discussion on that subject matter to be had but for now I felt like just doing a more sephardic interpretation of Sabra.
And speaking of strong Israeli women (fictional or otherwise), I saw the movie GOLDA last weekend. It was epic! Golda Mier's legacy is certainly not with out it's critics both in and outside of Israel. And as far as the movie goes, like most any other historical biography I'm sure it was not with out it's inaccuracies. But despite that, it had me totally emotionally invested in it and in a state of suspense through out even though I knew how it would end and that says a lot. Best film about Israel's history I've seen since Munich. Way better then 7 Days In Entebbe I assure you of that!

September 22 Update: Marvel/Hasbro will be reprinting ROM's first encounter with Marvel's mutants in a one shot coming out right before Christmas this year. Ofcourse I have those ROM issues already but I'm getting a copy of this just for the cover art alone which is by Nick Bradshaw. For me it's kinda like new fan art that's actually good for a change. Get the full details here...
In other news of all things having to do with Marvel & Hasbro joint projects for ROM I'm sure most of you by now have heard about all 3 variants of the ROM spaceknight 1 facsimile having come up a couple days ago. There's no hard data as to how well they're selling but I can tell you my LCS sold out of all their copies within the first couple of hours after opening on new comic book day although by the owner's own admission he did place a pretty small order.