Friday, June 29, 2012

End of June Rom fan art sightings & the 80s Sal Buscema Rom vs. HULK sketch art that you never knew existed!

The movie Prometheus inspired a series of these "June favorite aliens of the month" entries in which severl different aliens and alien characters are featured in this flying saucer and blue light scene. Rather then try to explain further it it's probably best you check the rest of em here:

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 This Ego The Living Planet sketch is by artist Jeremy Haun which he did while at a Comic convention in St. Louise earlier this month. Ego looks great although it would have been nice if he had spent a bit more time on Rom. But on general principle I think it was pretty cool that out of all the more mainstream characters in the Marvel Universe who have encountered Ego over the decades that he decided to use Rom here. As many of you recall Rom encountered Ego in Rom issue 59 in which he freed fellow spaceknights Seeker and Scanner from Ego while also banishing numerous Wraiths in an act of mercy who had also been captured by Ego and were being slowly digested.

 I found this in a back ground photo of the wall space of  Floating World Comics in Portland Oregon. Thank goodness the photo image was really big so that I was able to enlarge and crop this sketch from it and present it here at a good size (magnify it!). Outside of the Sal Buscema signature at the bottom left I can't tell you anything else about it unfortunately. Needless to say this is beyond awesome it's nothing short of criminal that nobody has ever showcased this before anywhere for a broad audience. And remember true believers you saw it here first on the blog site for ROM fans who aren't dicks!

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  Cmon people make some noise in the comments section this is some pretty great stuff I found this week.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

ROM spaceknight by Blah Blah T-Shirts for only $17.99. Plus some licensing red tape humor

Speaking for myself I would never buy a T-shirt that I didn't have the benefit of being able to try on first so I never buy clothing online. But for those of you who aren't as fussy as me this might be a good option for you in order to have your own ROM Spaceknight t-shirt. As you saw a couple of postings back I just went ahead and made one for myself. But I gotta ask, doesn't these guys currently selling a ROM t-shirt on a commercial basis with published art work from the series no less represent some legal issues? It makes me a bit suspicious how legit Blah Blah T-shirts might be but if you're interested in checking this out:

Speaking of legal issues, here's something else I just found that was done recently I thought was worth sharing with you all. I like how in particular the cartoon makes references to how Marvel has been using Dire Wraiths so extensively in the last couple of years along with one of the alternate Reed Richards from FF #9 (Future Foundations) using "Rom's neutralizer".

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 "Taking a poke this week at toy merchandising and the effects of licensing rights on Marvel continuity. Personally, I say they just go “to hell with it,” release a series with ROM and the Shogun Warriors fighting Godzillla and the Micronauts, and just let the lawyers go nuts. Maybe with a walk on by Crystar (which apparently Marvel has always owned)."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awesome original art of ROM & The Torpedo done in the "Marvel way"

Commission art by Ron Frenz
Have you ever heard the term "The Marvel Way" when it comes to comic book art? It describes a very classic art style that is both dynamic and fluid. The works of Sal and John Buscema are excellent examples. I thought much the same when I first laid eyes on this one by Ron Frenz. Aside from that, this piece by Frenz has such an 80s feel I love it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rom spaceknight vs Green Lantern

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At the moment my situation still blows but when I happened to come across this fan art by chance I decided to put some time aside to post it anyways. This is pretty sweet and I always love having a first shot at posting some new ROM fan art that hasn't made it's rounds on the internet much. This really makes me wonder what effect ROM's neutralizer would have on Green Lantern's power ring. Would it merely neutralize GL's constructs or could it go so far as to neutralize the power ring's connection to OA even?  Not to mention what sort of scenario could possibly have GL protecting the Dire Wraiths? A big thanks to the artist for doing this, good job Xum Yukinori.