Monday, April 20, 2015

BIG WOW Comic Con San Jose CA. 2015

So just this past weekend I went to the BIG WOW Comic Con in San Jose which I've gone to for the past 2 years (not counting this year's) now. Off hand it was cool this year for me because this time I was able to go sporting the ROM t-shirt I ordered from Redbubble last Fall. I had a few random people through out the day there give me my props when they saw it . . .
Ironically I didn't get a chance to take a close look at the official convention program book until just this afternoon when I noticed something under the artist guest list I didn't catch in the previous years. That's pretty cool that among the huge breadth of work Golden has had over the decades that ROM and The Micronauts was included on this short list of art credits. Same goes for The She-Hulk as far as I know like with ROM he only ever did some of the cover art for that title too.

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April 23 Update: In keeping with the local theme of this posting I decided to do something with ROM in another S.F. Bay Area city. But don't forget part of the story from ROM #48 (see August 12, 2012 posting) actually takes place in San Francisco so in a way this is something of a tribute piece to that issue.

April 26 Update: Ok one last thing before we close out this month. Last night I was doodling while in a  "fuck marvel - hasbro" kinda mood and it actually started to come out as a pretty good sketch. It makes me feel better when I just some times don't have the words or don't want to repeat myself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The good ol days of letter columns in your comics

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Last weekend I grabbed a copy of New Warriors 35 (1993) in a $1 box because it had a bunch of action with the Torpedo armor. While browsing through the letter column I found a cool letter I thought I'd share with you all along with this nicely done panel with Turbo and Nova. It's funny back when I was in my early teens I never really cared much for the letter column section of my comics. It always seemed like the letters mostly consisted of fan boys asking stupid behind the scenes questions about who's working with who and why did that guy stop working on that title and how they would like to see this n' that and so on. Now of course I see these letter columns with a different perspective  . . . at least some times hence this posting.

Art work by Bob Layton
April 9 update: What a nice surprise to come my way just when I thought I had scraped the bottom of the barrel for all the good ROM related fan art out there. Originally done by Bob Layton and later colored by Ian Sokoliwski this one has actually been around for about a year and a half but as far as I can tell has remained largely undiscovered.

April 11 update: Looks like I lucked out again last night I came across what as far as I know is the only Torpedo (Brock Jones) sketch card out there. Alsowe'll have to wait till October but it looks like Twomorrows Publishing will have something in print for not just ROM fans but also for fans of late 70s and early 80s comics. Aside from the synopsis see if you can spot ROM on the cover