Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Stan's Soapbox as seen in ROM spaceknight 3 February 1980

I'm temporarily pulling this blog out of retirement for this very sad occasion and you all know what I'm talking about. For my own tribute to Stan Lee I wanted to post something unique and I think I just found the perfect thing. This little excerpt from a Stan's Soapbox column is unlike any of the other ones I've seen thus far on the internet. Those are some wise words from this man going back nearly 4 decades ago that America should really take to heart now during these very troubled times.
Beyond the mourning process let's also rejoice in a few things here. Unlike Prince, David Bowie and George Michael, Stan Lee did not die young. He had a wildly successful career and he lived long enough to eventually even see his some what more obscure characters like Black Panther become cinematic sensations and house hold names. And what a legacy he left behind I mean really that in and of it's self practically gives him a sense of immortality. Simply put, the man has already become a legend.

ROM spaceknight 27  (1982)
One last thing I wanted to add here speaking of Stan Lee's legacy. Here's a gorgeous bonus pin-up page of The Silver Surfer (created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) by Akin & Garvey from Marvel Fanfare 33 (1987). As far as I can tell it's the only bonus pin-up page from that issue that seems to be absent on the internet so here it is along with some cool corresponding clip art.

November 17th Update: Here's some other cool ROM related stuff that have recently turned up worth having a look at. That mural behind me is located in Hayward California. It's been there for years I can't believe it's only today that I came up with the idea to get a selfie in front of it with my ROM t-shirt. Even when it comes to characters like ROM and Wolverine that Stan didn't have a direct hand in creating none of it would have existed if not for Marvel Comics. Thank you Stan for all of this.

Check out what this mural used to look like many years ago...