Monday, April 26, 2010

Before Optimus Prime, there was Rom - Greatest of the Spaceknights

Even if only one person ever looks at this blog I wanted to make this point. We all love Optimus Prime ofcourse. But when you think about it, King Arthur aside, Rom was the first metal clad philosopher/warrior type character. He's wise and never wavers from his code of ethics. He'll take down the most horrific Wraith creation and almost get himself killed in the process, but still find a way to save a kid's ant farm from a burning house. Like Optimus, Rom's only real weakness is that he's idealistic to a fault at times and puts too much faith in humanity. But even when that sort of rosey outlook on things got him into trouble you still couldn't help but admire him and his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice at any time for the greater good.


  1. I love your painting of Optimus Prime. He looks gentle and kind...but then he also has a shiny sword out ready to destroy his enemies and defend the weak. Beautiful job. Well done!

  2. ...I'm...almost speechless. Which, as you know, is hard to do. It gorgeous. ;) Thank you.

  3. ah Randomnerd, since you first left these comments oh so long ago you've become my favorite follower. this all wouldn't have been nearly as fun had you never found me.

  4. Greetings.

    I've visited your blog over the years as I am a lifelong fan of Rom Spaceknight. As I have "his" domains, and have only put up the frame and basic cover art (years ago) and not made any great progress (blame life, kids, laziness), I have decided that you, the one person who is at LEAST as much a fan of the character as I am, and your log will now be prominently displayed at the main page (after clicking any art on the front page) at (and until further notice.

    I despise the fact that I've let the domain(s) stagnant, and intend to make something worthy of the character on them eventually. You are truly, along with Lee S. (Rom Revisited),are truly a fellow Galadorian in spirit and I am thankful someone has been so active in promoting Rom.

    I'll also mention this in the Galador group on Yahoo (yawn) that I inherited years ago.

    Thanks for being a fellow bearer of the Living Flame of Galador. ;-)


    1. thanks for finally making contact with me although leaving a comment on the very first posting nearly 5 years ago was a bit of an odd choice. you're fortunate that I saw it as soon as I did, by chance I decided to have a look at my comment history in the blogger tools page to see who's been leaving comments on this blog for all the postings. I don't do that very often since I assume any recent comments would have been made on the most recent blog postings. in the future you might want to keep that in mind in the interest of a speedy reply from me. I had a look at your link and I see you're not a big fan of the IDW ROM reboot so by all means feel free join the conversation on the recent IDW related postings.