Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sorry about the previous posting mishap folks

Ok so I got rid of the bogus ROM information I had here originally (see comments section). This however isn't bogus. It's digital art I created a couple months back from some borrowed images that I put together in a single setting and fine tuned. I had done it originally for another blog for which it would have been more ideal but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen anytime soon so I decided to post it here cause I'd like for it to be featured somewhere then nowhere at all.


  1. That Rom/Dr Strange piece is really sweet mr! Nice job!

  2. hey, you left The Man-Thing out of your comment. are you afraid of him? because whatever knows fear, BURNS at the touch of The Man-Thing!

  3. Yes, always best to be drugged and happy around Man-Thing. Or wearing protective armor. Very sweet piece of art. The lighting, especially, really works well. And I hate it when that thumbnail thing happens, especially when it's something you've been looking for and you think you've found pay-dirt, only to have your hopes crushed. Still, it's a nice find considering I didn't even know it was out there. Thanks Dave!

  4. Oh, crap... not only do I have to be "the guy who didn't post your beautifully done photoshop montage on my blog" (although, I do still intend to showcase all your nicely done photomanipulations and such - just hasn't been the "right time" yet)...

    But NOW I also have to be the guy who has to tell you... that is NOT a cover for ROM.

    Just by looking at it I knew the chained figure was HERCULES. I mean... lok at that little skirt thingee.

    I then remembered it as the cover for Marvel's 1st HERCULES miniseries (but wasn't 100% sure which cover) drawn by Bob Layton.

    Well... some detective work found it out...
    Here's a link to the cover.

    Originally, intending to help you find the full sized art (in case I was wrong) I did the google search, saw the thumbnail, followed the link to comicartfans, but noticed that for a second, the info for the pic showed the ebay url as it were a sale. I then went back to the google thumbnail and read the alt-text which indeed read: "Bob Layton 1982 Hercules # 3 cover".

    Sorry man.

    I would have LOVED to have seen any new (old) ROM art.

    Hang in there.

    Don't be mad at me... please.

  5. Ptor, you just had to be "that guy" again. this is embarrassing. i mean not like Rupert Murdoch phone taping embarrassing but embarrassing in more of a using the wrong photo for a story in the newspaper embarrassing. well thanks for doing the hard leg work to on that i did check out the link.
    i must say however Ptor i'm a bit puzzled about "the right time" for you to display all the Dr.Strange/Man-Thing/ROM art on your Dr.Strange/Man-Thing/ROM blog site but of course that's entirely at your discretion. i didn't wanna to bug you about it over the past couple months cause i know you've been busy with life but at the same time i didn't feel like leaving this particular piece in Limbo anymore. but you can still do what you were intending when ever you want it's just that of all the Dr.Strange/Man-Thing/ROM art i've done now this would have been the piece among your collection that would have been brand new to all your followers since i'm sure at least some of them have seen some of the other stuff on this blog that i've previously posted.

  6. David,

    I have a bunch of reader-submitted art and writing, and I figured I'd post them all in a big post or as a series, preferably after I received more colored versions of my ROM illustration... just never happened according to plan...yet.

    That's all.

    No offense meant.
    I love and appreciate all the cool pics you've worked up.

    AS for the Hercules cover... so sorry to pop that bubble.
    I really wanted to try and help out - especially after my lack of David-created art posts.

    Talk to you soon.