Sunday, June 24, 2012

ROM spaceknight by Blah Blah T-Shirts for only $17.99. Plus some licensing red tape humor

Speaking for myself I would never buy a T-shirt that I didn't have the benefit of being able to try on first so I never buy clothing online. But for those of you who aren't as fussy as me this might be a good option for you in order to have your own ROM Spaceknight t-shirt. As you saw a couple of postings back I just went ahead and made one for myself. But I gotta ask, doesn't these guys currently selling a ROM t-shirt on a commercial basis with published art work from the series no less represent some legal issues? It makes me a bit suspicious how legit Blah Blah T-shirts might be but if you're interested in checking this out:

Speaking of legal issues, here's something else I just found that was done recently I thought was worth sharing with you all. I like how in particular the cartoon makes references to how Marvel has been using Dire Wraiths so extensively in the last couple of years along with one of the alternate Reed Richards from FF #9 (Future Foundations) using "Rom's neutralizer".

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 "Taking a poke this week at toy merchandising and the effects of licensing rights on Marvel continuity. Personally, I say they just go “to hell with it,” release a series with ROM and the Shogun Warriors fighting Godzillla and the Micronauts, and just let the lawyers go nuts. Maybe with a walk on by Crystar (which apparently Marvel has always owned)."


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    1. hey OA1, thanks for coming by glad you liked the posting. but wait until you see what else i emailed you today not to mention what i have coming up soon on the Suicide Squad blog.

  2. Seriously, the whole issue on the copyright seems like a bad case of being 'punked' by Hasbro. As bad as the economy is, you'd think they'd be willing to do ANYTHING that might earn them money instead of just sitting on a property for THREE DECADES that has earned them NOTHING.

    1. best part about it is that the CEO of Hasbro probably rakes in millions a year along with a ridiculous bonus. check back here tomorrow or saturday i got something else to post i think you'll like.