Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spaceknights vs Silver Hawks

This one here has been around for a while now but has been hiding on deviant art in relative obscurity. The artist who goes by the handle desperateMe describes this as something he did many years ago and done with a felt tip. I wanna say this was done by referencing some clip art but I can't put my finger on it. But it's pretty cool just the same it has an intense feel to it. It's like he's looking down on an enemy he just gave a beat down to.

So that brings me to these guys. Late last month I was hanging out at a buddies place when he asks me if I'm in the mood to watch a Silverhawks CD he had gotten as a gift recently. I said sure why not even though I really wasn't and we managed to get through the first couple episodes but couldn't take any more after that. But I'll be damned if Silver Hawks like Robocop weren't in part influenced by Rom. I shit you not, watch this funny ass brief video review of the series that among other things goes over the premise of the Silver Hawks:

 And speaking of intense ain't she a dead ringer for Sabra? And unbelievably beautiful it's hard to stop looking at her face. Just as a reminder Sabra was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema with inspiration for the concept of the character supplied by Belinda Glass. And no I still don't know if Glass was Jewish or not.


  1. Now that I've seen her, I don't think I'll ever be happy with anyone else playing Sabra. She's that spot on.
    I really love desperateMe's picture. It's rough, but it has quality.
    I don't remember ever watching the Silverhawks. Must have missed that particular 80's fad. But I'm sure it holds up just as well as Thundercats and She-Ra.

    1. actually it doesn't. check out the youtube link when you have time you'll see what i mean.

    2. You would have lost all your money. The Hawks concept was good but so unrealized that it was painful trying to watch the show. It stole things from every popular show of the time and still failed so miserably.

  2. Silverhawks was/is AWESOME! I fuckin' LOVE that show. Part of the Holy Trinity, right there- with ThunderCats and TigerSharks. The new ThunderCats cartoon even had quick Mon*Starr and Mako cameos in an episode... soooo damn cool!
    Monstar was a motherfuckin' PIMP:

    I think it holds up fine, though... and that theme-song!!! Fuck yeah! It always kind of reminded me of Battle of the Planets- but yeah; I can see ROM and The Spaceknights too...
    DAMN YOU! Now I wanna watch cartoons all night! Silverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhaaawwwks!

    1. well for what it's worth i'm willing to bet my buddy would be willing to part with his Silver Hawk DVDs for a reasonable price. a very reasonable price.

  3. Hahaha- that disappointed in them, huh?
    Were you drinking? -Because you kinda gotta be. Every time that annoying little orange fucktard whistle-chirps; you do a shot. Every Mon*Starr transformation scene- fuckin' shot. Hick-Hawk uses a colloquialism: Shots. Poker-Face does the slot-machine-eye-thing; SHOTS! Yes-Man grovels and agrees... SHOTSSHOTSSHOTSSHOTSSHOTSSHOTS!!!

  4. Now that's how you enjoy an 80's marathon;)

    I had an action figure or two of the Silver Hawks myself, so yes, I know who they are. I know they didn't last long, especially since ThunderCats was more popular, and cartoons like GI Joe and Transformers were kings of the hill for most of the decade.

    That reminds me, anyone see the robot chicken skit involving one of the Silver hawks at a bar? She goes back to the guy's place, but they can't have sex because she's encased in mostly all metal, even down there. So she has him beat her metal vag with a ball-pen hammer in order to get her to cum. Funny little bit there;)

  5. Oh and that actress? Fucking hot as fuck dude! I don't know why Hitler was so mad, because Jewish women are just as hot as the rest of 'em.

    But yeah, Lenor Abargil would make an excellent Sabra indeed.

    I wonder if she wouldn't mind a little bit more Jew in her since I'm only a tiny bit jewish myself;)
    Then she'd be, what, 110% Jewish? Ha ha