Monday, April 20, 2015

BIG WOW Comic Con San Jose CA. 2015

So just this past weekend I went to the BIG WOW Comic Con in San Jose which I've gone to for the past 2 years (not counting this year's) now. Off hand it was cool this year for me because this time I was able to go sporting the ROM t-shirt I ordered from Redbubble last Fall. I had a few random people through out the day there give me my props when they saw it . . .
Ironically I didn't get a chance to take a close look at the official convention program book until just this afternoon when I noticed something under the artist guest list I didn't catch in the previous years. That's pretty cool that among the huge breadth of work Golden has had over the decades that ROM and The Micronauts was included on this short list of art credits. Same goes for The She-Hulk as far as I know like with ROM he only ever did some of the cover art for that title too.

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April 23 Update: In keeping with the local theme of this posting I decided to do something with ROM in another S.F. Bay Area city. But don't forget part of the story from ROM #48 (see August 12, 2012 posting) actually takes place in San Francisco so in a way this is something of a tribute piece to that issue.

April 26 Update: Ok one last thing before we close out this month. Last night I was doodling while in a  "fuck marvel - hasbro" kinda mood and it actually started to come out as a pretty good sketch. It makes me feel better when I just some times don't have the words or don't want to repeat myself.


  1. I wanna say "props all around" but the convention's word processor fell asleep on that Rogue misspelling. Definitely great props on the ROM inclusion & your shirt though. ;-)

    1. good catch! you've always had a knack for finding type os.i wonder why they threw a random character into his art credits? and when did Golden ever work on G.I.Joe?

    2. I didn't immediately remember this either but reminds me that his drawing of the interiors of Avengers Annual #10 credits him with co-creating Rogue (with Chris Claremont) in her first appearance, about a half a year before her 2nd appearance ever in ROM Spaceknight #31.

      For G.I. Joe it was back to what he's most famous for, a handful of stunning covers. One I know you own(ed?) is (or was it #26, the first part of that Snake Eyes origin, that we talked about before, because of ROM ads inside?).

      The front & back covers of the first 2 G.I. Joe Yearbooks are very memorable work of Golden's, too.

    3. i had G.I.Joe 17 back when it first hit the shelves back in the day. and you're right i've since then picked it up again from a discount back issue box a couple years ago. it's a great cover but i had no idea it was Golden and even now i don't see his signature "G" in the art work as is customary on his cover art. and that's a good point about Rogue Avengers Annual #10.
      let me just saw on general principle that issue is nothing short of a master piece in regards to both story and art. absolutely amazing art it was some of Golden at his finest. on the flip side while i was at the con this weekend i picked up Micronauts #1 from a quarter box just for the Hell of it. i wanted to read it (written by Mantlo) for the story even though it was penciled by steve ditko. DEAR GOD was the art work so awful to look at! i just so completely hate ditko's work during the late 70s and through out the 80s and 90s.

    4. On the G.I. Joe #27 cover I linked above, I think that's his "G" mark spray-painted purple on the lower right hand corner of the train?

      As for Micronauts Annual #1, I don't recall having any visceral reaction to the art back in the day but I was younger than when Ditko was put on ROM...I do remember that my Annual didn't have a cover because it was bought from a back-alley place that (I only much later realized they must've) sold returns-credited copies, and the story *was* **really** interesting.

  2. That's a pretty sweet ROM t-shirt man. I'm not even a casual fan and I'd rock that thing.

    Glad you had fun at the WOW con. You're going to be able to do the free comic book day thing right? Not sure on your work schedule, thus why I ask. This year since my LCS closed down, I have to go about an hour out of town to find a friend of mine's store, but I'm fucking doing it.

    Speaking of Fuck Marvel/Hasbro, how about Fuck You Again DC for the shit they're pulling with Gerry Conway and other creators on their new bizarre-as-fuck royalties policy. If what they did to Bill Mantlo still pisses you off, that's got nothing on what DC's doing. SMH.

    1. Big Wow was awesome i had a really good time meeting some actors i like and i even ran into a few friends of mine i hadn't seen in a couples years.
      haven't done the free comic book day thing for at least a couple years now despite the multitude of comic shops in my area. for me there's just nothing good to pick from i really can't remember the last time i got something i was really interested in on free comic book day. just another testament of how disinterested i am when it comes to today's comics.
      as for royalties according to Bill's brother (Michael) they are collecting something in regards to rocket raccoon although i'm not privy to the details. as to Conway sorry bro i'm totally out of the loop on that one i'm pretty much out of the loop on any new stuff/news when it comes to DC and marvel unless maybe it happens to make the mainstream media like with their movies. even though i hate marvel i'm still going to see The Avengers this weekend.

  3. HAHAHA!!! What the FUCK?, indeed!!! Nice one!

    Glad you had a good trip.

    Good stuff, as always...

  4. That is absolutely brilliant doll. I need that on a sticker for the back of my car.