Monday, September 28, 2015

ROM & Wonder Man team up sketch card

So in recent weeks I've been able to make it to a couple of comic shops not too far from me that have a pretty extensive collection of back issue discount boxes. A couple issues really stood out to me let's start with Wonder Man 1 (1986). Aside from the Kerry Gammill pencils and the Bill Seinkiewicz cover art what also made this issue cool was that it showed a very every day people side to the Wonder Man (aka Simon Williams) character we can all relate to. Struggling to manage his not so successful career as an actor with being a full time Avenger he finds even a cab ride is a luxury he can hardly afford. No Uber back in the 80s, too bad.

As I was reading this issue it occurred to me that Wonder Man was one of the many Marvel superheroes who appeared in ROM 65 sporting his signature leisure suite style costume. So all that combined with a nice and relaxing weekend made me feel like doing some art work and I thought it might be nice to do a sketch card for a change.

Avengers 226 letter column
I also picked up Avengers 226. Truth be told I haven't read the issue yet but based on some browsing I've done in it already it doesn't look like it has much going for it story wise. But the issue's letter column is another matter as you can see here. And check out the name of the dude who wrote this letter!
Avengers 221  Left click to enlarge


  1. I hadn't found this one yet, you magnificent bastard, though as you know I've been collecting these letters page mentions for a long time. Rick S. Jones had letters printed also in ROM #26, 29, 31, & 47, and I'm pretty sure I've noticed his missives in other titles too (none of the above make a point about his name being the same as a well-known character so you'd think that must've happened elsewhere earlier) but your find is the first time we've caught him in another title talkin' 'bout his future partner ROM.

    1. yeah i also enjoy these letters to especially the ones that have some thought behind the ROM related commentary instead of the ones that just make a passing mention. who knows how many cool undiscovered ROM related tid bits are still out but let's keep up the collaboration to try and bring as many as we can to this blog just like with your most recent one from the PREVIEWS comic book catalog.

      PS, i see my self more as an Inglorious Bastard : )

  2. Damn, that Wonder Man cover really is beautiful isn't it? Bill was the definitely the man back then when it came to memorable covers.

    Speaking of memorable covers,there's few Avengers' covers as classic and iconic as the one to #221. I used to have that one as kid, picking it purely because it intrigued the hell out of me. Plus DAT BOB HILL ART THO!!!!!

    Cool card art there though Shlomo. I like how you illustrated the glow of the sun/moon?. Plus the colors stand out nicely.
    Good job brother.

    1. thanks Dale, but not quite right as far as what's up with the sun. the black "taint" in the sun was part of the dire wraith's master plan to conquer Earth for the full story on that you can go to
      bby the way, did you happen to notice the name of the guy who wrote that letter in Avengers 226?

  3. Didn't catch that part in the art.

    I did, Rick S. Jones. First time seeing that, but apparently he submitted a few letters for awhile. Was it legit or something the writers or editors came up with?