Saturday, November 21, 2015

Damn, both my letter and fan art made it into Onyx

Onyx #3 November 2015 left click to enlarge

I seem to be on a roll lately with discovering my letters turning up here and there. First it was Avengers Academy 27 from 2012, then earlier this year it was BACK ISSUE Magazine 76 and this week it's with Onyx 3. The funny thing is I never wrote a single letter back in the late 80s when I was at my comic book collecting peak. You can get a better look at the art work here . . .


  1. In the same week as Marvel's weak sauce in their parody comic "Secret Wars Too" (only a silver-vented foot), you kick Plandanium BUTT with the full body appearance of ROM Spaceknight!

    This feels like some kind of milestone, because though there have been self-published comics (Jeffrey Lewis & Josh Bayer come to mind) and plenty of ROM fan art in old 'zines (Comics Buyer's Guide, Comics Journal, etc.) & foreign comics (England, Greece, Turkey & Brazil I've found so far), I'm pretty sure you've zinged 'em all with the 1st in a US mainstream comic book.

    At the very least, it's gotta be the 1st art appearance of ROM in an IDW comic, right? Unless you consider Sal Buscema's pinup in the Mars Attacks IDW TPB, in which case...rarified air, son!


    1. when it comes to new art work yeah i'm thinking the Sal Buscema ROM vs Mars Attacks pin up page would more qualify as the first "full body" appearance of ROM in a relatively mainstream publication. but still, how often do you see fan art posted in a letter column so yeah i'll accept that milestone. as for that Josh Bayer one shot that hardly qualifies given how horrid that art work was. but ofcourse as you mentioned when it comes to reprinted art work from the the original ROM series we've seen that plenty in recent years (BACK ISSUE Magazine, Geek Magazine, Secret Wars II Omnibus, Redbubble T-shirts etc.). i really liked Chris Ryall's response to my letter and art work it was quite thorough in addressing the points i made. plus i'm really glad he left out a certain gun toting furry mammal i've never been fond of out of the list of Mantlo credits.

  2. While I have no clue about ONYX, I am eagerly awaiting IDWs new ROM series.
    Still, getting your letter, and more importantly - ARTWORK - published, is a mighty fine feather in your cap.


  3. Congrats, Keeper of the Living Fire! ;)

    Seriously, nice going! That's quite special, good for you!

  4. ~P~
    in a nut shell Onyx is the lone survivor of a planet that was destroyed by an infectious spore that travels from planet to planet infecting and mutating both plant and animal life alike. like ROM, Onyx is a powerful cyborg sworn to stopping the spore. but unlike ROM Onyx is a woman and the story takes place on a future Earth. the story also seems to borrow elements of Aliens, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Island of Dr. Moreau.

    thanks for stopping by and letting me know you're still out there. and again i must commend you on your excellent taste with that profile icons.

  5. Well damn man, very cool to see isn't? Living the dream man, living the dream.

  6. Wow thats awesome both your letter supportingr Bill and your ART made IDW pages. Especially with what will be happening soon to comr. Way to go David

  7. Dale
    living the dream is when you get paid to have your stuff published but this is still indeed pretty cool.

    i'm sure IDW will have a letter column for the new ROM series so hopefully you'll be able to get in on that action when the time comes. good or bad you can bet IDW will be getting a letter from me right away probably after the zero issue on free comic book day next year.

    1. I again went to my lcs to try to find some Onyx and again no luck. Again ROM and Micronauts were center isle (still shocking to see) Im going to try to get this issue .

    2. you're gonna have to special order a copy from your LCS or from the internet. you might be surprised to know even I don't have a copy yet I special ordered it from my LCS but he got "shorted" on his shipment last week so i'm still waiting. fortunately a little "birdie" gave me a heads up on and sent me a high resolution copy of the letters page. thus far this hasn't been a very widely distributed title you'd have trouble finding any new copies of Onyx issues in any number of the LCSs in my area to. it figures that's the sort of comic my art work would end up in. I guess it's just gonna be a process over time for Onyx to really find it's audience.

  8. Saw your letter when I picked up the issue and grinned. You should add "Keeper of the Living Flame of Galador" to your signature.

  9. Very nice to see your letter and art in the letters page of Onyx....congrats!

  10. Brian
    hopefully we'll both make it at the same time on the letters page of an an issue of ROM next year like we did on Avengers Academy.

    thanks bro.

    To all you spaceknights out there
    i really appreciate the comments Happy Thanksgiving Day weekend to you all. i think that's gonna do it for November but hopefully i'll be able to finish off 2015 with another cool posting or two next month.

  11. Dude, that's one awesome sight. Of course, we already know you're badass.

  12. I got my copy of Onyx last week and WOW was I blown away by how they showcased your letter! It's like they dedicated a two page spread just to you! Congrats on that one.

    I am a bit disappointed that I got the impression Onyx is only going to last four issues. I thought this would be an ongoing book with how large the menace of the spore seemed. Then I read something like 'to be concluded' at the end and I thought, 'oh well that was a short sweet ride'. I wonder if they just had Onyx going in case ROM fell through but now that ROM is a go they've canned their ROM clone.

  13. to Randomnerd
    Damn straight!

    to EKM
    thank you for the kind words. it's funny i just emailed IDW some feed back on Onyx#3 yesterday morning and got a reply back within minutes if you can believe that. i think it might be a bit too late to get a letter into the "last" issue but for what it's worth it's nice to know they do read the letters that get emailed to em so you might want to give it a shot to.