Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Transformers ROM team up and G.I.Joe ROM team up variant covers

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Well I would certainly like to hear from you all about this. Even I can't help but be at least a little bit excited about these even though we're not going to see any of it beyond the covers for at least another 3 to 4 months. ROM looks a lot more like he does on the cover art of the zero issue then he does in the interior art of that issue which as you all know I really hate so it makes me wonder what is ROM actually supposed to look like? Notice how on the fist bump Transformer 55 cover how ROM's armor design is more like the interior art of the FCBD day zero issue? Well at least he looks pretty cool on these other covers. By the way Micronauts 1 should be coming out next week but IDW hasn't had much in the way of any sort of sneak peaks beyond the endless cover variants ofcourse so who knows how that's gonna turn out. Looks like there's gonna be a lot to talk about on the weekend of FCBD not only will the ROM zero issue be released but that's also the weekend of Avengers Civil War which I plan to see. And by that time Micronauts 1 will have been out so there's that to. So what do you think folks are we going to be in for massive amounts of disappointment? A lot of great shit to look forward to or will it be a mixed bag on the first weekend of May? It seems IDW Publishing has become the contemporary Marvel 80s when it comes to toy based licensed properties.

April 20 Update:
Oh and just when you think you've seen it all with all these ROM cover variants I posted here it gets even more ridiculous . . .

Except for this one. This is pretty cool . . .

Hey Gary, I feel sorry for you bro. As a ROM curator you're obliged to buy all these cover variants for your collection. And don't forget, the Comic Book Fever book from Tomorrows Publishing is coming out around the same time with it's section on ROM so that's gonna be almost $40 bucks out of your pocket in addition to all this IDW shit. I guess there goes your kid's college tuition, or maybe a second mortgage on the home is an option?

Zack Howard
April 22nd Update: So I'm sure by now most of you all have figured out that all these ROM themed cover variants for other IDW titles aren't actual ROM guest appearances. The cover variants are strictly for promotional purpose only for now. The actual first issue of ROM ofcourse will have it's own series of cover variants which will result in Gary probably having to give up a kidney or lung in order to raise even more money. I think all the #1 cover variants suck including the one by Michael Golden and the one by Sal Buscema isn't all that impressive to me, but there is one exception. The one you see above you is pretty cool not just because it's drawn well but also because ROM looks most like what I expected him to based on the zero issue cover art. If this is what he would have looked like on the inside art I could be way more into this ROM reboot.


  1. Bleeding Cool shows us a Dire Wraith from #0

    Im uh... Not very impressed... I hope that being shape changers they look like all sorts of things, because this first one is boring as hell...


    1. Gods of Galador I just had a look at that Rom Action Man team up clip art on Bleeding Cool. It's like maybe a step up from the ditko era. That aside I really just don't like Rom with the whole manga bell bottom pants style boots look. Especially when you combine that with a super small torso. Also, in all the clip art I've seen I don't like the drastic change they given Rom's neutralizer they should have made it more classic looking.

  2. As for Micronauts... Its by Cullen Bunn, who did The Sixth Gun, so Micronauts is probably in much better hands than ROM is. Hell, Sixth Gun had a reference of sorts to G I Joe. Issue 21 of Sixth Gun was done entirely in pantomime, in reference to issue 21 of Larry Hama's G.I.Joe: Real American Hero, issue 21 of which had one of the first all pantomime issues of modern comics. Micronauts is in good hands, its Ryall and ROM im worried about. The uninspired Dire Wraith isn't making me feel a whole lot better about things.

  3. One more thing though guys. I noticed this on the Bleeding Cool article I linked above.Let me copy and paste it.

    "Oh one other note. There’s also a full page thanks to Bil Mantlo, co-creator of the Rom comic, Rocket Raccoon, Beta Ray Bill and much more, as well as a link for people to donate towards his full-time care."

    Ryall gets points from me for including that, IMO.

  4. Sadly, I have zero interest in all the variants.

    ROM and My Little Pony variant?
    I'm sure it's adorable and various bronys will gobble it up.
    I'm not saying these are BAD at all... Just that I'm not in this game.
    I'll buy the first few issues of ROM, but I truly don't foresee going pay the first arc unless it's as good as the original.

    Nostalgia gets me in the door and My cash on the toaster-head.
    Then, it's up to Ryall to carry the ball.
    I'm just not getting the right vibe from his tweets.

    But, open mind... PARTIALLY open wallet.

    1. Oh my shit you weren't kidding about that My Little Pony ROM cross over! You remember that seen from John Carpenter's The Thing where that guy's head comes off his body grows legs and scurrys across the floor? Then this other dude who sees it says "you gotta be fucken kidding me". That's how I feel right now.

  5. ROM's looking good to me, if they're using the one visually from either the first Transformer cover or the GI Joe one.

  6. Ok. I just took a look at that Bleeding Cool link.

    I may not even make it past the first issue.

    I know Ryall and others might think it's unfair got us to compare it to the original, but if you didn't want the comparison, then call it something else.
    They're presenting ROM?
    Well that's great...If love to see SOME ROM.

    I'll see.

    I truly hope he pulls it off.
    More dynamic art would help though.
    The samples I saw don't impress me much.

    Sorry guys.
    It might seem like I have, but
    I haven't made up my mind.

    I'm just wary of what I'm seeing.

    1. Im the same, with ROM at least. Micronauts will be awesome. I have less trust with Ryall, im afraid. Has he even written things?

    2. Yes, he's written lots. Check his Wikipedia entry. All I've read of his, however, is Onyx -- which I didn't think was great, but should probably re-read -- and the first Dirk Gently LS, in which he did a pretty good job.

    3. And Christos Gage is co-writer of IDW ROM along with Chris Ryall. Christos is another known fan of original ROM, and he wrote Avengers Academy including the the Dire Wraith Hybrid issues, tons of other comics, an episode of the Daredevil Netflix series with his wife, etc etc (yeah, Wikipedia).

  7. The variant covers to issue 1 are out. Im sure you got this news already though.


    1. Hey Josrph, I was wondering when you were gonna show up. Actually I didn't know about those yet. Looking at them it again begs the question what is ROM actually supposed to look like.

  8. I appreciate the sympathy Dave! Yeah, taking the cynical view, I'm exactly the sucker they have in mind when they crank all this crap out. But I guess I'm choosing another perspective: THE REVIVAL IS REAL! The ROM rocket (it's gotta be that instead of a train, right?) is finally, really taking off; spending the money for the ride will not happen without strain but, barring any life-problems, I'm very much on board. I had a whole lotta fun last night collecting the best images online of all the new art, and I expect that joy to be multiplied with real product added to my physical collection. I'll try to keep you informed how it goes, & I hope others'll do the same. Now that I got Lee's & PTOR's ears burning ;-) I got a question for them since I'm not "on" twitter but I did see them both say this...how did you count 11 ROM #1 covers? I only saw 9. Here's a checklist in progress (I use some of my own designations such as ROM v2 & the variant letters), and an armchair commentary on everything I found released online this week:

    [ ] ROM THE SPACE KNIGHT v2 #0: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/04/19/reading-rom-and-action-man-for-fcbd2015-a-blast-to-two-very-different-pasts/ {Bleeding Cool revealed a few new panels from inside of the comic, showing an action pose of IDW ROM and a "Wraith Hawk"} Is it just me or does the art look identical to Marvel's (2000) Spaceknights mini-series?? From the creature design, to the armor here being reminiscent of Liberator/Tristan, even the human (or is he??) reminds me of that series. I think the coloring is part of why, too. I like Spaceknights so I'm okay with it. Wonder if the "Hawk" is not actually a Dire Wraith but was originally an Earth animal like what happened to Hellhounds in ROM V1. Or is it the IDW Deathwing? I'm really excited for Free Comic Book Day!

    {continued below...I hit a maximum character limit, more than once!}

  9. {continued from above}

    [ ] 9 cover versions of ROM THE SPACE KNIGHT v2 #1: http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-first-details-on-roms-triumphant-return-to-comics-1771868643

    1. ROM v2 #1 REGULAR EDITION - J.H. Williams III, pretty nice & those are probably IDW Dire Wraiths around him...not much to say about them yet until full reveal

    2. ROM v2 #1-A SUBSCRIBER VARIANT aka "Sub Cover" - Zach Howard transplants his #0 figure almost directly into a homage to ROM v1 #1's "Arrival" splash page...I like it, but I'm glad some other artists don't draw him so 'skinny'

    3. ROM v2 #1-B SUBSCRIBER(?) VARIANT - Tom Whalen's fan art has been around online since at least 2010, and it made a comic cover? That's neat!

    4. ROM v2 #1-C CLASSIC TOY VARIANT - does the job but we've seen better photos online and it's a shame Chris (it's Ryall's toy) doesn't seem to have a Neutralizer or Analyzer

    5. ROM v2 #1-D BLANK SKETCH VARIANT - seems like this might be the best version for you to get Dave! ;-)

    6. ROM v2 #1-E 3-D VARIANT - haven't seen it but it's the J.H. Williams III art in 3-D for use with glasses, only available in a box set of all 9 covers. I wish the next cover was the 3-D one instead...

    7. ROM v2 #1-F aka RI-A ("Retailer Incentive") VARIANT - SAL BUSCEMA PERFECTION. I'll never forget the thrill of first seeing this amazing art on my computer screen. True IDW Wraiths in the background, perhaps?

    8. ROM v2 #1-G aka RI-B VARIANT - Michael Golden's version has grown on me, I must say. Even though it has all the elements that scream "this is not your original ROM Spaceknight!!!", I'm starting to think this is not a totally bad thing.

    9. ROM v1 #1-H aka RI-C VARIANT - P. Craig Russell...now here's your Ditko influence loud and clear, Dave. And he's teasing you by using the old Neutralizer design.

    +. COMPLETE 3-D BOX SET - As a separate collectible, I'm going to get 2, one to open for the exclusive 3-D cover & one to keep sealed (assuming they are sealed...we'll find out when Micronauts' 3-D Box Set comes out next Wednesday)

    {continued below}

    1. I wasn't counting ROM #1 variants. I was counting other series Rom variants. But I assumed TRANSFORMERS #55 and TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE #55 were the same book. Looking at the GCD, I believe that's correct.

    2. There's definitely 3 different Transformers series with ROM Month variant covers, the two #55s are two different series. If anyone can figure out if either one is a follow-on volume after Marvel's original V1 (and I don't know how many were inbetween) I'd appreciate the help with that or I'll google it sometime.

    3. D'oh! IDW renamed TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE starting with #35. That's why I didn't see it on comics.org. (It said "18 issues," so I dismissed it.) So yes, two different #55's making 12 Rom variants of other series.

      There is, in fact, a follow-on to Marvel's series. It's called TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE. It started with #80.5 and has gone through at least #100. (Didn't know this until now.)

    4. Regeneration one started with 0 then 80.5 then the final issue 100.great mini run!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. {continued from above}

    [ ] 12 'ROM Month' variant covers on other series, in alpha order: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/idw-publishing-july-2016-solicitations-rom-powerpuff-girls

    1. ACTION MAN #2 - Really cool! Dave this can't possibly be the art you said was "one step up from Ditko", I don't know what you were looking at (probably the panel art from inside ROM #0, right?). Earlier I posted here that this Action Man #2 'ROM Month' variant's cover artist had said it was for a "crossover" and I thought he meant a story that would continue from ROM into Action Man's series or vice versa. Now I think he must've just meant the 'ROM Month' covers "crossover".

    2. BACK TO THE FUTURE #10 - meh. This artist misinterpreted the shoulder pods as spiked cones...I would've expected this "double unicorn" version on a Pony cover...

    3. G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #230 - Super awesome! I haven't bought a G.I. Joe comic since Marvel's but I was a fan of Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow back then, plus this IDW ROM's pose is dramatic/dynamic & I like how this front view of the Neutralizer shows how it's evolved from the original.

    4. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #17 - hmm, the first veering out of my comfortable territory of Superheroics (not that I know the first thing about Jem et al)...I had accepted long ago that there would be inevitable crossovers with properties I don't care for, so this is not totally objectionable...and it's a clever enough scenario, so I guess we know that IDW ROM's "microphones" that serve as ears are in the same place as a human counterpart.

    5. JUDGE DREDD #8 - this one does nothing for me...ahem, IDW ROM, you're pointing your new Neutralizer at yourself, the spiky parts go above & below your forearm...or is there a secondary function when held backwards?!

    6. MICRONAUTS v5 #4 - so cool to see a scenario that could only have been fan art fodder mere months ago, this stokes anticipation for a real ROM/Micronauts crossover story, doesn't it?? This ROM is not terrible, but I bet this is what the Back To The Future guy or gal looked at to come up with the shoulder spikes.

    7. MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDS FOREVER #30 - I loved @ROMSpaceKnight's tweet that this is the cover for old school fans because ROM doesn't have fingers...

    8. MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #44 - ...otherwise, these Pony comics will get me points with my daughter, and that's about it.

    9. STAR TREK #59 - All I can see when I look at this is the unnatural slouch in the top part of ROM's armor/body, and the worst, confusing depiction of the Neutralizer so far (or is he playing a musical instrument?! I don't know what it's called, a shaker?, small cylinder with sand or something inside)

    10. TRANSFORMERS v__? #55 - (wonder what consecutive volume number since Marvel's v1 this is?) Same as G.I. Joe, I was an Autobots fan back when I was also collecting ROM V1, so these are a certain amount of fun for me, though they each have good & bad points. This one suffers from (but is not ruined by) the bell-bottom feet...

    11. TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE #55 - ...I'm left wondering why his reflection in the mirror is so much larger than him (I guess it's a video screen?)...

    12. TRANSFORMERS: TILL ALL ARE ONE #2 - ...and he looks like he has a big handle coming out of the middle of his back, like, is he a marionette? Unfortunate placement of Optimus's arm pipe reminds me of the amusing #0 title logo hullabaloo, 'cept I don't think they'll fix this one & it's just up to us to realize & remember that's Prime's pipe.

    {continued below}

    1. I got my commentaries on the 3 Transformers covers shuffled around; the bell-bottoms are on More Than Meets The Eye, the mirror is on Till All Are One, and Prime's pipe handle is on the one without a subtitle. But you knew that.

  11. {continued from above}

    Overall comments: Notice the one thing blatantly missing from every one of the preceding covers? "The Space Knight". No idea what that means but after some seeming effort to establish that particular subtitle in reversion to the original toy's logo, it's interesting that they've not used it on any of these new comics. And "what is ROM actually supposed to look like" indeed...different artists continue to give their own interpretations, which should give hope (?) that his eventual future design could morph into what fans are vocal about. Now Dave, about that, I found 1 other very intriguing image online that I'm going to email you, you may or may not want to post it as a scoop of sorts.

    1. ya know i kinda feel like there's been this over saturation of ROM already. it's like with Wolverine and Boba Fett i liked them more when they were cult favorites and not so heavily commercialized. out of all the variants The Micronauts 4 cover is the only one i really over all like in terms of ROM's look and as a crossover concept.

  12. ROM is my all time favorite comics. But when I say ROM, I mean ROM The Spaceknight The Original run by Mantlo and Buscema. Everything after that is of zero interest to me. This new ROM comics comes without the original mythology so we will have to judge it for itself. But like you I really don't like his *new* manga inspired look.

    1. Hey welcome to the blog frist time commentator. Sounds like you been following things here for a while. I'll just take it one issue at a time starting with the free zero issue on FCBD. I'm not obliged to buy any of it when the series starts unless I like what I see I won't buy it just because it has the name ROM on it.