Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well isn't that cool BACK ISSUE Magazine printed one of my letters again

BACK ISSUE Magazine 88 letter column
Big thanks to ROM curator Gary Martin Jr. for finding this in the letter column of BACK ISSUE Magazine 88 (May 2016). I had actually forgotten about having written this letter which as you can see was in response to BACK ISSUE Magazine 82 which had a long article about the Secret Wars series both I and II (see blog link below). Ironically I had picked up issue 82 because that issue had a letter of mine in it as well which was feed back from yet an earlier issue featuring The Micronauts. Unfortunately all print copies of issue 88 are sold out so for now I won't be able to get a copy to add to my growing collection of comics and magazines that have my letters published in them. I didn't have any luck on ebay either that blows.

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August 20th Update: Just found this Spanish language cover art for ROM 72. Aside from the obvious (spanish and not english), notice some other differences from the original? The left hand corner art has the Beyonder instead of ROM and instead of the little Secret Wars logo dog eared in the opposite corner they have a tag line running along the bottom. For those of you who don't have a copy of the original here's a link for a quick reference to compare...


  1. Replies
    1. Are you talking about them having published my letter or about what I was talking about in it?

  2. Cool that you got another letter published, and interesting point of discussion about the Secret Wars omnibus. Shame that they didn't think to mention the ROM tie-in issue in their article.

    I also find it fascinating that there is a panel with ROM in the omnibus, as I was always under the impression that they've been very rigorous in omitting ROM from any reprint material - isn't there a Masterworks or some such edition of Incredible Hulk reprints that contains a chopped up version #296 so that ROM is completely cut out of it? I have nothing to substantiate that other than having heard the story somewhere before, can't recall where I saw/read that.

    1. yeah i'm also pretty happy that printed my letter again i just wish i could find a hard copy of the damn issue. that Secret Wars II Omnibus is pretty thick it's got a ton of single issues crammed into it i'm sure the ROM flash back cameo was a simple editorial over sight by Marvel. the Back Issue 82 article did mention ROM 72 quite a bit actually it's just that it failed to mention the issue unlike the Micronauts tie-in issue which they did mention as not having been reprinted in the Omnibus. i've flipped through it before it's quite a disheartening experience but here's that HULK TPB with all the ROM omissions http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=22996929

  3. Hey man, sorry I didn't respond to this comment sooner - thanks for sharing the link, that's interesting to see that they just skipped the Hulk issue with ROM for that collection after all.

    I'm really not sure where I got the impression that they chopped up the issue for reprints rather than skipping it!