Friday, October 21, 2016

I guess I should be flattered but . . .

Here's a screen shot of something I saw on Twitter earlier this evening but this isn't the first time I've seen some of my ROM fan art turn up else where. On one hand when this happens I'm a bit flattered but also kind of annoyed because it seems like it's never by anyone I know or have other wise had any communication with as far as I as I can tell. It would be nice for a change if someone actually said something about the art work they're about to lift off of my site much less ask permission to use it just as a matter of courtesy. And then on top of that they never mention where they got the art work from that they see fit to use. I think there's something to be said for a some kind of basic internet etiquette. This sure ain't the 80s any more.

Left click to enlarge
October 22 Update: Well with Gary's diorama in the previous posting it seems fitting to introduce this other unique sort of arts n' craft type tribute art work. This is something I found some time last year but have been sitting on for a while now for what ever reason I don't recall now. I think this is what you would call a shadow box and it was posted by a fellow by the name of Angel Velasquez who I assume is the artist. This is pretty cool it would make for a nice display piece in the home of any ROM fan.

I did away with the previous art work I had here because what I coincidentally found this morning was way cooler. Check out how the cover art for Daredevil 126 is similar and yet different at the same time with this Strange cover you see above you ....


  1. ouch! looks like those bootleg copies from Russia or China!

  2. No etiquette nowadays indeed.
    Really like the box, is that a Ditko cover I'm seeing there?

    1. yes the art work being used for the shadow box is from issue 66. but i've always liked the cover art on that issue which has the initials PCR on the side so i don't think it was only done by ditko. i'm pretty sure about that because of the way ROM's eyes are drawn which is more in the Buscema style that ditko never did which i always hated. and most of the back ground is that gate fold page of ROM flying away into space toward the end of the issue which was probably one of the very few times ditko's interior art wasn't bad on the series.

    2. It's P.Craig Russell's art then, he did inks over Ditko in a couple issues, and also the cover for the final issue I believe.

    3. oh man you are so right very good. which reminds me of this past posting

  3. Hello There, Xavier Lancel here, a french guy editing a very old magazine on US comics called Scarce. I'm robably not awake enought but couldn't find the e-mail link on the blog.
    As a big ROM fan, I can provide you if you are interested with:
    - cover art for Scarce 71 featuring Rom among others 80's characters
    - the article I wrote for scarce on the Rom serie (in french)
    - various ROM parody strips made for scarce by french artist Cyrille Munaro
    - a ROm-Hulk pin up done by french artists Laurent Sieurac
    - excerpts from a 2015 booklet on french censure I wrote, with exemples of french censure on ROM.
    You probably have several if not all of those, so let me know if you are interested, using mail (replace the A by @ of course)


    Ps: as disapointed as you by the iDw relaunch of ROM, even if not for the same reason (couldn't care less about the design, but storywise...beuhhhh

    1. well i haven't heard from you since you left that comment so i decided to do research on that stuff on my own. i already have the Laurent Sierac art including a colorized version of his ROM Hulk team up piece

      found the cover art for Scarce 71 but was disappointing with the "Looney Tunes" style of art (scroll down)

      couldn't find the parody cartoon strips that included ROM but that's not a big deal i'm usually not too much into that type of fan art and i wouldn't be able to read it anyways. thanks for nothing as we say in the U.S.

  4. Lancel, we definitely need to talk my friend. i just tried sending you an email with what i think is your email address based on what you wrote in your comment. if you didn't get my email try sending me one daywalkr at

  5. Thank you for posting the pic of my Rom shadow box!!! Currently working on posting more pics of it and my Rom action figures. Have some new Rom art as well. Thank for all the Rom appreciation!

  6. Glad you found this posting I couldn't contact you before I don't have an imgrum account. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing that shadow box from more angles. You can always take those pictures and send them to me directly you see my email address in the comment above yours right?