Sunday, December 4, 2016

Uncovering cool 80s Dire Wraith references

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Well today was the final San Jose Super Toy Comic and Collectibles show of the year and I happened to find a couple gems from the good ol days of ROM The original or just RTO for short. Now the clip art seen above you from Silver Surfer #5 (vol.3 1987) which I found in a 50 cents box evidently has been on the internet already unbeknownst to me. Cool to find this never the less although I'm a bit disappointed it didn't include a ROM # 50 foot note which is when it was revealed that the Dire Wraiths were an evolutionary off shoot of The Skrulls.

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I also found this in the letter column of Avengers #249 (1984) which I also found in a 50 cents box. As most of you know Avengers 244 & 245 were dire wraith war cross over story lines. Did any of you out there by any chance happen to notice the clip art I used for the Trump humor from issue 245 in the previous posting? It would be interesting to know if this guy ever decided to give the ROM series a shot. And if so if he liked it or not. Hopefully he didn't try to pick up on the series after Sal Buscema left that would have been a shame. Well either way he states that he was wondering if he had been missing out by not reading ROM at the time and I would say he most definitely was. There was actually another letter from those two Avengers issues in regards to the dire wraiths but that guy was a being a real asshole I'm not posting that one.

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And in keeping with the dire wraith theme of this posting we've got the latest old school ROM fan art from Dann Phillips. This one kinda has me wondering if Hybrid would be able to survive in the vacuum of space? It wouldn't surprise me given his seemingly endless range of mental and physical powers granted to him by his dire wraith/human mutant physiology.

December 8th Update: As some of you may have guessed this clip art comes from a Marvel Age magazine calendar page. I'm glad they used a Jewish character that had been in the pages of ROM (17,18) although having Ben Grimm here to would have been pretty cool as well. Or maybe better yet, Sabra.

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