Saturday, January 30, 2021

ROM Spaceknight 25 unpublished Al Milgrom cover variant colorized!

I've always wanted to see this cover variant in color so I recently went ahead and did it myself. There's a little bit of interesting history on this art work


So here's something my friend from Greece was working on back in 2020. Now when I saw it first which was a few days ago it basically just had Steve Rogers holding holding Old Glory with no real back ground to speak of. But to me right away the imagery felt like a statement on where America is right now, especially since the trump inspired insanity on January 6th. So I decided to go all in on that narrative and add The Capitol building in there. 

 Animated Gif version can be seen here...

I can only assume that the vast majority of white nationals, Qanon zombies and other members of the cult of trump that laid siege on Capitol Hill on January 6th haven't read much in the way of Captain America. It's too bad because they could have learned a thing or two about what American idealism is all about. Truly the clip art here are words to live by.