Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awesome original art of ROM & The Torpedo done in the "Marvel way"

Commission art by Ron Frenz
Have you ever heard the term "The Marvel Way" when it comes to comic book art? It describes a very classic art style that is both dynamic and fluid. The works of Sal and John Buscema are excellent examples. I thought much the same when I first laid eyes on this one by Ron Frenz. Aside from that, this piece by Frenz has such an 80s feel I love it!


  1. Absolutely fantastic! For someone who is still in the middle of reading Rom from start to finish for the first time, this sketch is as fresh today as when it was first drawn.

  2. Wow, that really is a "Blast from the Past" in its appearance and feel. Now I just KNOW that SOMEBODY around here is NOT going to be able to resist COLORIZING it!

    We need more artists willing to spend some time to do works like this.

  3. over at my Suicide Squad blog i just went off on the writer for the Suicide Squad reboot. so now both legacies of my favorite DC title and favorite Marvel title have been royally fucked up. i'm afraid these blogs are all we have now. by the way are those "brass knuckles" Rom is wearing?

  4. Yeah, Ron Frenz is one of the greatest..