Saturday, May 21, 2016

ROM spaceknight 27 tribute fan art

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I just got this fan art by Brian Douglas Ahern from Gary this morning. I'm sure he'll be leaving a comment any time now with all the details as to how he acquired it because there's some history with this art work. I actually discovered it back in March of 2013 when I saw it in an online photo up on the wall at the old Floating World Comics shop in Portland. Although never featured in any of the forums for the Bill Mantlo benefit auction it was apparently part it but don't quote me on that. The only version of it I had was this grainy blown up thumbnail I posted March 2013 . . .

Having recognized this as being one of the better art pieces from that auction I contacted the owner of Floating World Comics to see about getting a copy but it seemed my request fell on deaf ears. Remember my posting just over a month ago from my last Portland trip? Why couldn't they have made a nice large format reprint of this art from the benefit auction instead of the garbage they had available!? If I had seen this as a nice 11 X 17 print on some good paper stock for only $5 I would have been like score!
It sure feels good to be getting back to postings with some old school ROM stuff again. However I anticipate this being my last one for the month although I may have an update coming later today or tomorrow. Next posting should be right after I come back from my trip to Greece and Israel which should be June 4th or 5th. I sure picked a swell time to do some international flying between that terrorist shit in Belgium recently and this current mystery of the downed EgyptAir 804 flight.

May 22nd Update:
Yesterday I swung by my LCS and had a look at Micronauts #2. From a story stand point it looked like a marginal improvement from the first issue. But I'll say this about it the art work is way better then what we saw in the ROM zero issue. You can preview the first six pages here and see what I mean . . .


  1. It really is.It's like a cartoonier version of Jim Califore.

    1. heard the name but couldn't off hand visualize his style so i did a Google search and yeah i can kinda see that.

  2. No details just patience; I figured Brizy would eventually post it & sure enough he did so on tumblr the other day.

    An appropriate mention of Jim Calafiore, both he and Brian Douglas Ahern had ROM art published in Wizard magazine back in the day.

    Wouldja believe there's still 46 pieces of Floating World Spacenite ROM art that I'd like to get better images, the majority of which I don't even know the artist's name?

    1. hold on a sec Gary who or what is Brizy?

    2. The artist of the above Galactus & ROM piece, Brian Douglas Ahern, also known as Briz or Brizy, often signs his artwork with one or the other of those nicknames.

    3. i see, i didn't know that about Ahern. well good job on this Gary as you know i've been hoping to see a quality image of that art for quite a while now. i'm sure you've noticed all the ROM fan art that's turned up in the past couple weeks or so? almost too much to keep track of i imagine. pretty much all of it sucking in one manner or another and of course i won't post any fan art here that's based on IDW's version of ROM. today i was browsing at a copy of Micronauts 2 i'll give that comic one thing the art work in it is way better then that guy who did the ROM zero issue and evidently the series for now. it didn't have a letter column to my surprise although if they had published my letter that would have been an even bigger surprise to me. from what i could tell story wise it looked a bit better then the first issue but i still don't like much of IDW's reinterpretation of The Micronauts especially when it comes to Space Glider they really fucked up that character in particular.

  3. Are we ready for a crossoverrrrrrr? IDW solicits for August were previewed online this week, and it looks like "Revolution" is the name of a Hasbro-verse event involving ROM, Micronauts, Action Man, and all 3 Transformers series. No G.I. Joe yet, but the crossover is supposed to really start in earnest in September, maybe then. ROM #2 checklist so far...

    8/17/2016 expected release date:

    1. ROM v2 #2-A Regular Cover by Zach Howard (haven't seen it yet)

    2. ROM v2 #2-B Sub Variant by Mike Allred (an update of an old Spacenite piece,

    3. ROM v2 #2-C Sub Variant by Bob Layton (has the 'double-unicorn' shoulder horns,

    4. ROM v2 #2-D Mock Action Figure Variant by Adam Riches (haven't seen it yet)

    5. ROM v2 #2-E Incentive Variant 1:10 is Mighty Muggs photo (looks as exciting as it sounds)

    6. ROM v2 #2-F Exclusive Variant at Rob Liefeld Creations (partially revealed

    I don't know if we can expect a switcheroo on ROM #1's Zach Howard cover or what (the only one you liked, Dave...until you see this one; but for some reason Previews World has, in the place where there should be a picture of the #2 Mock Action Figure Variant, a picture of Zach's #1 art with #2's "Revolution" Sub Cover trade dress...?!

    We might know more when Previews catalog comes out this Wednesday.

    1. from what i can see of it that second Liefeld ROM cover is much better then the first by far. but he keeps drawing a version of ROM that's clearly based on the original from the 80s. talk about IDW having this annoying constant knack for being inconsistent.

    2. There's a Whalen cover for ROM #1, the pop-art one that was a fan piece on the internet for years.

      The Zach Howard mixup is still a mystery; the Previews catalog shows his ROM #1 art in the ROM #2 space labeled Adam Riches which is supposed to be a fake action figure cover. That mistake was not caught by whoever made a mockup of the cover by putting the 'Revolution' banner on it for the Previews website.

      They're 2-for-2 on ROM solicitations with confusing errors.

    3. Oh yeah I know what piece you're talking about now, it's been on deviant art for years now I never cared for it.