Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Need your classic ROM fix? Here you go . . .

Fan art by Dann Phillips left click to enlarge
So as you can see there's a lot going on here aside from ROM being one of the onlookers to this epic DC/Marvel cross over battle between these two major bad guys. Ironically another cosmic marvel fan art piece turned up deviant art only a couple days before Dann's that included ROM, Galactus, Silver Surfer and Thanos but that artist never replied to me me unlike Dann so fuck em they only get a link as opposed to having their stuff actually featured here in this posting. There's just something to be said for social media etiquette it's just a thing with me  . . .

On the other hand this guy did get back to me from deviant art. So guess what? He gets to have his nice work in progress sculpture featured in this posting. More views from different angles can be seen here http://silent-cell.deviantart.com/

If you're thinking about buying all the IDW cover variants buyer beware. Pay attention to the most recent comments in the previous posting Gary has left IDW's shameless greed seem to know no limits.

July 6th update: Painted version of statue just posted


  1. Insane Dollars Warning! Insane Dollars Warning!

    Awesome scene, Dann Phillips.

    Reminds me to mention: kudos are due another artist whom we had admired here in the past...remember the Herculoids vs. ROM pages, & a few other works...Ron Joseph got the gig to do the art in September's ROM: Revolution #1 one-shot! Haven't seen any of it yet, but nice to know that we're getting a different take on interior art already.

    1. Yeah Ron told me about that on deviant art I told him I was happy for him but I just can't get enthusiastic about it over all for obvious reasons.

    2. Thats awesone news gary about Ron Joseph I dug his stuff on here and awesome to know some new inside pages of ROM are getting done.

      Dann the man Phillips still at it. I personally hope he gets a shot at at least a cover. Very very talented.

      Killer sculpt in progress Shlomo .That thing looks bad ass!

    3. yeah, a much better sculpt then that shitty custom i emailed you this morning and check out my update to this posting.

    4. That sculpt does look nice. I hope when Hasbro inevitably makes a modern ROM figure based on the new comics that they will do a retro look ROM too. That would make up for me not finding an original ROM figure back in the early 80's.

    5. well we'll see what happens so far hasbro has only given us some stupid heromugg ROM doll so don;t hold your breath. and yes if a high res version of that ROM art work from the hasbro cinematic universe turns up i'll post it.

  2. That is pretty damn impressive art by Mr.Philips I have to say. Interesting choice of onlookers as well, but maybe not all that surprising considering who the main combatants are. Wouldn't mind see this bad boy in full color myself.

    Sweet ROM statue as well! Very, very, nicely done. Bill Mantlo would definitely be happy to see it I'm sure.

  3. Hey buddy, just left you a link on your Suicide Squad blog you might or might not find interesting. Check it out.