Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Greatest of The Spaceknights sculpture finally finished in time for the weekend

Sculpture by JayandClay 

Seeing this is almost like getting hit by a super charged bolt of Marvel 80s nostalgia isn't it? Especially after having seen some of the work in progress photos first. Quite a contrast I'd say from the first time I saw hasbro's heromugg for ROM or after the first real look at ROM in the interior art for IDW's zero issue.

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Got a same day update going on right now. I just got home after having bought a 2006 Honda Civic EX 2 door coupe. And I'm happy to say I finally found the perfect spot to put my ROM sticker that Gary sent me back in November of 2014.


  1. About the Huge ROM Sculpture from the 1980's...that an Anonymous poster asked about here a few weeks seems like it's not a very well-known ROM artifact but it should be! Jay & Clay's maquette is awesome also, but imagine standing under one 7 feet tall? I wish I could've seen it in person! Heck I just want to find out the creator's name.

    What I can share is three photos of it I've found online, and some anecdotal info given me by another witness.

    A fellow collector said the ROM sculpture was exhibited at a New York comic convention (unknown year) at which the sculptor was selling 2 different photos of it for $1 of only ROM & one with the sculptor himself (

    The collector, the person who put this photo online there, also told me directly that the sculptor mentioned his ROM had earlier been on display at a NYC museum, possibly an outdoor sculpture garden (could it have been a SoHo location?

    The 2 other photos I had found were put online by Chris Ryall, the writer of the current ROM reboot at IDW, & 1 of them originated from Scott Dunbier, also an IDW editor; I haven't gotten around to asking them yet for further info.

    As for Anonymous' memory of a men's clothing store: I have some 1980's Marvel Update newsletters that show promotional decorations of Spider-Man & other characters inside a few department stores, including Sanger Harris, Foley's, and May D&F. Any of those ring a 30-year-old bell, Anon?

    1. I really should register an account here since I keep on posting :)

      Maybe I need to undergo some sort of hypnotherapy to see if I can unlock the name of the store I'm sure I saw it at. There are only a couple of things I can remember: 1) 99% certain it wasn't any of the stores you listed; and 2) It seemed to me at the time it was a name that would have been suitable for a comic shop (I was disappointed to see clothes beyond the entryway)... and pretty sure it was a single word.

      This is another one of those "I wish I kept a journal growing up" moments.

      My memory of it was a slightly different pose (looking forward, for one), but certainly that's just 30-ish years of fog in my brain. I highly doubt there's another 7-foot tall ROM sculpture floating around. What a trip to see images of it! (A shame about the '80s quality of the image with the sculptor -- doesn't show the metallic finish as nicely as the one shown on Twitter)

      I don't know if I prompted the searching or if you were already looking into it, but I really appreciate the work you've done either way.

    2. yeah man get yourself an actual handle of some sort i've had a lot of people in the past couple months leaving comments here as "Anonymous" it would help me know who i am talking to.

    3. The first time I personally saw the sculpture was when Ryall posted the Thor concert photo last year and we all thought it had to be a fake, a photoshop job from a custom action figure or something.

      The photo was released when Thor was promoting a documentary film that has since been released but I haven't had a chance to see it yet, I wonder if the photo or video footage of ROM appear in it?

      Over the last year & a half I noticed the other photos through my regular curating, culminating in my contact with the witness who convinced me the thing was real.

      Now I'm only skeptical that something so spectacular completely escaped the notice of fanzines of the era; I've been through a lot of Buyer's Guides and all Comic Readers & Comics Journals, among many others, and no mentions of the sculpture.

      I would love to someday find something in print about it, and especially want to find out the name of the creator pictured with it. Of course it would also be interesting to know what eventually became of the sculpture.

      About your memory of ROM's head looking forward...I wonder if maybe it would rotate, or was positioned differently when assembled at that particular store display. Everything else about it (arms, fingers, legs) looks pretty solid & immovable though, huh.

      Here's hoping more details will surface. ;-)

    4. OK, so here's a username, then ;)

      The Thor movie is on Netflix, at least in Canada, so I took a quick scan through it tonight, and our favorite spaceknight does appear briefly (just after the 16-minute mark). I snapped a couple of quick screengrabs:

    5. Oh wow, you sir or madame are AwEsOmE for following up on that. It is also available on Netflix US, and since I had been wanting it anyway this prompted me to finally order the Blu-ray so I'll have a hi-res screenshot soon (though the old concert footage will probably still be grainy in HD too).

      Feel like another video search...? ;-)

      {I'll probably be looking for it, trying to identify the show & episode, later this weekend...should be challenging}

    6. Hello again to Remember ROM York City, I have a continuation of the investigation of the Huge 80's ROM Sculpture to share & request help from any & all interested viewers...

      The collector who had gotten a $1 photo of the statue with its creator has given me a scan of the *sculptor's signature* from the back of the photo!

      View it at:

      Turns out it's not easy to decipher. My only attempt so far was "Luis Sirfas" which did not lead to anything via google.

      Have a go at it! Even if you can only offer any alternative readings of the signature I can try, it could help.

      As for the more recent tv show in that imgrum link in my previous post, I messaged the person who posted the screenshot of the ROM toy, but they never responded.

  2. Congrats on the sweet new ride. Sweet fucking sticker too man. You said Gary got for you but where'd it originally come from?

    1. Thanks, been driving a 93 Honda Civic for almost ten years now and milking it for the past few so it was time. As for the sticker Gary got it at the same place I got my Rom t-shirt,

  3. 2014?! Wow time flies. Now so does your ROM sticker! Every time you drive. ;-)

    1. yep, still have the envelope you sent it in it's post marked Nov. 20 2014. indeed the time does fly that's why it's important to make the most of it hence all the traveling my wife and i have been doing in recent months. but getting back to what Dale said in his comment about that sticker being sweet that's because it's of the classic ROM.

  4. That finished sculpt came out very very well. Great work JayandClay! Redbubble is awesome. I recently got a killer Mr.Toad sticker from them . Had no idea they had ROM as well. Congrats on your new ride Dave.

  5. thank you :) this was for me a battle damaged rom, i make another one custom rom shiny and new one

  6. Wow! beautiful! i wish i was a talented sculptor!

  7. Very nice work on that sculpture JayandClay, I love it!

    Also cool about that large ROM statue in the Thor documentary - I actually started watching it last week but haven't gotten back to it. I had no idea about the statue, now I must see that part!

    Really like the sticker too, I have to get one if they're still available. And you're damn right it's a sweet sticker because it's classic ROM.