Thursday, January 26, 2017

A tribute to the classic

I didn't think I was gonna do any fan art for the longest time. But this week something just came over me I don't know if it's nostalgia or this chill work week I'm having so far or a combination there of. Just started sketching something last night with some of my free time and it started coming out pretty good. Earlier tonight I colored it and image montage of the classic ROM series is complete.  P.S. Fuck IDW Publishing

Gordon Henley as rebel X-Wing pilot Red Leader
I feel like I should give another recently passed away actor a little shout out here who isn't a house hold name but never the less has managed to cement their place in sci-fi history. Gordon "Drewe" Henley earlier this month died at age 75 from chocking on some food he was eating. Something of a tragic freak accident I would say especially coming on the heels of Carrie Fisher's death. For those of you who saw Rogue 1 you may have noticed him in the film appear in a couple of scenes exactly as he was back in 1977 when he led the rebel squadron that attacked and destroyed the Empire's first Death Star.
Unlike with The Grand Moff Tarkin and Princes Leia there was no well done CGI going on with Red Leader. That's because the producers of Rogue 1 actually inserted cut scenes from the Death Star battle from A New Hope into the ending space battle in Rogue 1. I absolutely loved that it made Rogue 1 feel that much more like classic vintage Star Wars and it was also great in terms of continuity. I can only hope that Henley was able to see Rogue 1 before his accident. Think about it, watching cut footage of yourself intended for a movie back in 1977 being used for a movie in 2016 I mean seriously how cool is that!? It should also be noted the same thing was done with the actor from A New Hope that played the rebel pilot with the call sign Gold Leader.

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January 28 update: My sketch card collection so far as of today.


  1. Great,you did a fine job with colours!

  2. yeah, damn fine job on the sketch man. I really like how you blended the characters and different colors together seamlessly.

    Didn't know about Mr. Henley's passing, but choking on food really is the epitome of accidental death if I ever heard one. That definitely sucks. But that is cool that used vintage unused footage to further give fans a little extra.

  3. thank you all. you may or may not have noticed the sketch card looks a tad bit different then when i first posted it. that's because i've been constantly tweaking it and re-uploading an updated file. every time i "finish" some new art and then look at it again after a period of time i keep seeing something new that i feel needs fine tuning. it's just a thing with me, kinda like an editor that keeps finding new mistakes after re-reading something a couple times.