Friday, November 26, 2010

Bill Mantlo finished tribute piece

Well here it is folks as promised. So the scenario you have here is the Dire Wraiths making a bee line for what they think will be refuge among the stars as they leave their watch-wraith servants to keep ROM occupied. It took me basically 48 hours to get this piece done which is an 8 1/2 X 11 water color with fine point colored markers. I want to thank all of you who both left comments and emailed me words of praise and encouragement while I was working on this. All that really remains now is for Floating World Comics to reply to my email inquiry a couple of days ago so we can take the next step to getting this into the auction and hopefully raise some money for Mantlo's family who no doubt are struggling with his medical care. If there is anybody out there who has any info. on Bill Mantlo's current condition please do share it with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Last I heard his condition wasn't that great and didn't seem to offer much hope for improvement. But perhaps unknown to most of us things have made a turn for the better since then. By the way if your curious what has been part of the auction in the past go to Spaceknight 2 in the blog roll. The first six to seven works from the top down have appeared in the last week and I can only assume are works for the up coming auction. To be honest I'm not sure what to make of most of the new stuff so far but again I'd certainly like to hear other people's thoughts rather you leave a comment here, on Spaceknight 2 or even with an email to me directly.


  1. Looks great with the color added. Good luck with the auction.

  2. thanks Craig! and by the way i hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. same goes to everybody out there.

  3. Bro, that fucking rocks.

    Do you do commissions?

  4. I love it Dave. It's truly spectacular. Well done. I'm amazed you could do that so quickly.

  5. Prime Director - not quite the eloquent words you used on that older posting but your praise is never the less much appreciated, thank you. i have done commissioned work in the past but it's been a while. if you want to talk to me about anything probably best to send me an email and we'll go from there.
    i got your reply comment to my question thank you for that too it's nice to know this site has made it's mark in it's short lifespan. i've seen your past comments on Siskoids site so i know your familiar with what has been out there. i think i'm the only site currently that's doing any kind of ROM updates these days. i try to keep things interesting here by talking about and doing stuff here that is unique. most of the ROM stuff out there has had more to do with reviewing issues and acting as a database on all things ROM related. both Siskoid and RSR do a great job in that respect but that can only go on so long since as a series and an official story line ROM is pretty much done.
    on the other hand ~P~ from the Sanctum has been promising me for about a month now (unsubtle hint)that he's going to be posting some new ROM stuff that promises to be pretty good but i'm still waiting. . . ahem, still waiting.

  6. Nice subtle hint.

    I have been trying to get that ROM post up, but SOMETHING always comes along to derail me.

    This weekend it is the Mantlo fundraiser.
    Since I got your message on it (Friday?) I started doing a lot of rough doodles, and then started to rough out a "final".

    YOURS is sweet!
    It came out quite nice.

    I've posted the rough of my own on my site, and HOPE AND PRAY to be able to complete it (there's a LOT more to it that isn't seen on that rough, but only in doodles on other pages).

    But here's the link:

    Be kind.
    It's VERY rough.
    ROM is sorta "done", but I need to adjust his hand (holding the neutralizer) and fill in some other stuff.

    There are still other characters and design elements that I want to add, but I need to get back to it now.

    Wish me luck.


  7. P, That's gorgeous work. If that's just rough, I can't wait to see the finished product.

  8. That is really cool David!! The colours make it pop so much more, and makes it look like a panel out of some actual ROM comic. Look forward to seeing how it goes at auction!!

  9. this'll be the first time i've ever had anything at an auction so i'm looking forward to seeing how it goes too. be sure to also check out what ~P~ is working on too it's pretty sweet!