Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bill Mantlo Auction sketch by ~P~ of the Sanctum Sanctorum now in color

So I just want to start off by saying that this is a sketch that was done by ~P~ from the Sanctum Sanctorum for this year's Bill Mantlo art auction that I just merely colored in photoshop. Why? Because like many of you I wanted to see what it would look like in color and I'm just not the most patient person in the world as many who know me will tell you. ~P~ has a very demanding job in an industry that I'm all too familiar with, he and his wife run and animal shelter, he's writing a script for Marvel Studios for a feature film starring Dr. Strange, ROM and The Man-Thing all together plus he'll be running for office in 2012. With all this I just don't think he'll get around to coloring his sketch in an acceptable amount of time for me. Of all the things going on in this sketch the hardest character to color was ROM himself. As the center piece of a fairly busy drawing you want to make sure ROM isn't overwhelmed by the other elements around him which are actually more colorful then he is. Silver is not really a color after all. We take it for granted but it's quite clever how the colorists over the years have used bold black line work and heavy shading along with some strategically place touches of blue tones to create that silver looking spaceknight armor that is ROM. So he's not really silver at all, he just appears to be. Admittedly I did take one artistic liberty aside from the color. I removed the boobs on the female Dire -Wraiths. As a big big fan of human female mammary glands the thought of the Wraith women having anything along those lines was just too disturbing for me. ~P~, I hope this doesn't piss you off that I did this and posted it you know of course your welcomed to a file of the colored sketch. And Dan, I know your looking at this I believe you owe my something along the lines of some ROM related art? To see the uncolored sketch go to


  1. (Gulp) Lol - umm the dog ate my ROM artwork?

    Well after a public calling out like this I'm going to have to get a move on huh?!

  2. Ha!

    Actually, I felt a little guilty sneaking in the wraith mammaries... like I was hiding something illicit or whatnot.
    tee hee

    Just give a link to my original art-post in the body of your post and we're cool.


    Just for completists' sake, I'll list it here as well.

    And remember, Vote for ~P~ in 2012!


  3. Excellent job! It really reminds me of the coloring used back in the day. It has that ROM feel to it, which I really love. Although, I kinda miss the boobs. I have to be honest. :P

  4. so Adrienne Barbeau's boobs (back in the day)didn't do anything for ya but ya liked the Wraith boobs!? i might have some trouble sleeping tonight after reading that. but thank you for the compliment on the coloring style. it was inadvertent, i was just using the best tools photoshop had to offer to getting the job done and this is just how it happened to turn out.

  5. I think I already answered that. I was young! YOUNG!!!!! Are you going to bring up that poor woman's chest in every posting from now on Dave? If so, I think she should get royalties.

  6. You hit the nail on the head Random. I love the color. It's got that old school look but with the detail and ink reminiscent of the 80's and 90's. It's gorgeous work ~P~

  7. ahem, just a reminder ~P~ did the sketch but the coloring was my handy work. and by the way Craig, who's Billy? you mentioned him in my Amanda Waller posting.