Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Galadorian Graffiti: A thumbs up to people who like sex in public, just go with it

Ya know, I've seen every thing from a ton of custom made figures to videos on youtube of the Greatest of the Spaceknights. But an actual full blown mural takes the cake. Unfortunately I found this on flicker as part of a photo essay having to do with some random nameless city so I don't know jack about who did it, when the photo was taken or even where the Hell this is. If you're looking at this right now you know as much as I do so feel free to speculate in the comments section about all that if you want. Too bad they didn't add the red pen light eyes. Maybe they just didn't have any red paint with em at the time? Not to mention there's more to this mural then what this photo shows. Plus what's the thumbs up all about? Unlike when it comes to the women I've dated, I wish there was more history and less mystery forth coming with this bit of eye candy. All that said however this is still pretty awesome.


  1. I think it might be on a roof? And ROM is giving the thumbs up to everyone who comes up there to make out. And maybe they were planning on giving him red eyes, but had to beat it before getting caught...just my guess.

  2. ooooo i like the way you think! i had a thought or two about that being on a roof top. well now that makes me want to know about the artist even more thinking that he, or she may have done that as a tribute for people who managed to make they're way up there for a make out session or perhaps even more. there's definitely a segment of the population out that has that whole sex in public kink going on.

  3. Sex on the rooftop? Guess that would explain the thumbs up and the need for a road cone to mark off the area hahah

  4. at this point i'm inclined to believe the thumbs up is either the "all clear" sign or means "mission accomplished" or perhaps even a combination there of. wish i knew where this was it looks like a great place for a first date.

  5. we don't have much in the way of flat rooftops for sneaking away as they tend to cave in when 2+ feet of snow builds up. But luckily Colby College has a man-made pond and parking 2/3 of the way around it. Fogged up more than a few windows there. No ROM painted on trees around the pond, although it would have been a hell of a nice touch.

  6. I'm going to be "that guy" and nix the whole "rooftop" idea because of a few things I see in the pic.

    First, and foremost, look at the red and white striped border at the base of the metal container.
    Those are usually there to warn drivers from hitting it.
    Those types of strips are usually reflective.
    No need for that to be on a rooftop.

    The box has a handle (and presumably another on the cropped side of the pic) and an obvious seam where the door swings upward.
    The top ridge seems hinged, so that would make it some sort of container. Perhaps a dumpster or something.

    Also, the traffic cone in the pothole.
    If your roof has a hole like that, it would have a tarp over it to keep the weather out. Not a traffic cone to warn away potential hole-spelunkers. (Or, y'know... cars.)

    Now, that's not to say that this ISN'T some rooftop somewhere... but if it is, then the maintenance crew is using that metal container to sit in and smoke doobies.

    As for the ROM pose.
    All I can say it is awesome.
    Majestic and laid back, ROM is totally cool with whatever is going down.

  7. you have keen powers of observation ~P~. fell free to be "that guy" anytime you want here it cracks me up.

  8. Golden Galador, I know this!
    It's from MIT's mobile Fablab:

  9. If anyone could, these guys could put a few LEDs on the side of a trailer for ROM's eyes and chest.

  10. holy shit how cool is that i just checked out that link! thanks for the heads up i'll post that full image in the near future for sure. thank you, and welcome to the blog! how did you find this site anyways? i'm always curious to know that when some one new visits.

  11. Thats part of a fresh peice done with fat caps and skinnys as we would say in graff lingo.

    I use to bomb peices (murals) in my youth in good placed for fame (places it would be seen) Before that i was the kid in school who wrote all the pretty girls names in graff for them.

    While looking to see if anyone did rom in graff i find it here from way back at my favorite blog. Ill tell you guys what ill Work on a ROM bomb with letters and a graff ROM in pen as time permits while at Work.

    So awesome to see this it inspires a talent i learned to be brought out for the greatest of the spaceknights