Saturday, February 5, 2011

More art from Dan at IADW

You may recognize one of these as being a digitally colored version of some pretty sweet art work from the previous posting. And of course who doesn't know and love Optimus Prime? I've posted several times before about Prime on this blog which includes the very first posting kicking off this blog site. I've always felt that these two characters had a lot in common and in some ways that the Greatest of the Spaceknights was the forerunner to the Leader of the Autobots. These illustrations really kick ass and I love being able to publish them side by side like this. Left click on em they look even better magnified. Thanks Dan, your a credit to Kiwis everywhere. Especially the ones in my fruit salad.


  1. Thanks for the profile Dave! Glad you liked the pieces so much. As for Kiwi's in a fruit salad ya don't wanna do that - Kiwi's go on a pav mate - no other dessert will do.

    Love Cecil's art too - the way he nailed ROM's face is just great stuff!

  2. "Go on a pav" ? I have no idea what that means. But I do enjoy Kiwis in my fruit salad...sorry Dan. Excellent Prime. Lovely ROM by Cecil. I think it's harder to draw his face than people think.

  3. Absolutely great pieces of work, here! ROM looks spot on, of course, and the Wraiths look nice and creepy, but man, I would love to see more of that Transformers work, too. I'm digging the coloring on Cecil's piece, too. Man, this really makes me remember how much of a non-drawing slacker I've been over the last several months.....