Friday, February 18, 2011

The DC / Marvel Fight Club presents: ROM vs. The Martian Manhunter

I just found this blog site of these DC vs Marvel match ups in which there is the most unlikely of showdowns. One of my favorite DC characters versus the guy this blog site is about. If there was ever two dudes who could respectfully negotiate their way out of having to throw down it's these two but hey, this is all purely hypothetical. The site apparently doesn't actually describe the battles but just sets it up and lets the commentators throw they're opinions into the ring.
On paper MM is the more powerful of the two no doubt. But I wouldn't be too quick to write off The Greatest of the Spaceknights. After all he was able to hold his own against Gladiator (Shiar Imperial Guard) in ROM annual #4. Plus, ROM's neutralizer could be an ace up his sleeve. It would be curious to see how that would affect MM. Plus, what if a fire broke out over the course of the fight? I'm sure you have some ideas of your own but have a look at what others were saying at the time:
Feature art work by Eddie Nunez (MM) and Mahmud Asrar (ROM)


  1. Okay, I'm sorry, but the person who said.."Manhunter, at least he can have sex." is a total and complete idiot. And should be banned from making further posts. Anywhere. And from procreating said idiocy into further generations. Blech. I know I'm biased but I think ROM could take MM. MM has a lot of innate power, but too much of it can be canceled out by the neutralizer. And as Dave so cleverly pointed out, our dude took on the Gladiator. That's one tough mother in his own right. All ROM would really have to do is zap him with the neutralizer and rub some twigs together. Yes...I am being very snarky. I love ROM. He needs cheerleaders.

  2. damn straight! just type in youtube's word search Juggernaut vs. Gladiator to see how easily "Mr.Bad Hair Day" handled the Jughead. like i said, anybody who can go toe to toe with Gladiator even for just a little while is not to be taken lightly my friends.

  3. A tough call.

    Here's how I see it all going down:

    They would at first have the obligatory heroes "misunderstanding" and beat the tar out of each other for awhile.
    Probably because MM can alter his appearance, and ROM might take that to be a bit "wraith-like".

    But before long, they would come to the conclusion that both are tragic alien heroes, set apart from both, their homeworlds as well as Earth.

    Then, just as they were making friends with each other, MM would pull out a sleeve of Oreos and chow down, offering some to ROM.

    ROM would then wax on for at least a page about how, since he is a cold cyborg, more circuitry than man, he is no longer human and can not enjoy such things, which are forever lost to him without the lost part of his humanity.
    Oh, woe!

    This would make MM so depressed that he'd set himself on fire just to end it all.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

  4. That works except for one thing: As long as there are oreos MM can never be depressed enough to set himself on fire.

  5. Oreos are the answer to any of life's evils :D Otherwise I'm Martian Manhunter for the win. Sorry folks - those telepaths can be nasty critters!

  6. Oreos or Thin Mints...or Samoa/Caramel Delights...can anyone tell it's almost Girl Scout cookie time? And I'm not sure, Dan, that just being a telepath can trump ROM. He's pretty savvy against creatures that muck about with the brain.

  7. ROM all the way. He's been out-powered before, but he always finds a way....especially against shape shifting alien types :)

  8. that's a good point! i was with Dan a moment ago but ROM managed to beat Hybrid and he has pretty much all the same powers as MM except for flight.

  9. To be fair, Hybrid was part Wraith, so Rom's tech would have more of an effect on him, right? I'll have to re-read that confrontation to see if that was actually the case! :)

  10. Why would it, though? Just because ROM always used it against Wraith, does it follow that it was only or more effective against them? Is there something in the comics that states that, because I don't remember it, although I bow to those of you with superior memory and/or google skills.

  11. I'm pretty shaky on my non-Wraith neutralizer effects at the moment :)

    I seem to recall ROM's weapon powering down Iron Fist's.....iron fist....but I'll have to check that!

  12. well I would say it would all hang on the neutralizer. Judging that MM's shape shifting is sort of like a dire wraith I'll give the neutralizer a 50/50 chance to do something really interesting.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review

  13. Hi Lazarus
    i did mention the posting that the neutrilizer might be ROM's ace up the sleep so it sounds like we're on the same page. thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.