Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Youtube video! ROM: A Spaceknight's Tale

Well, with 2011 coming to an end in a couple of weeks I thought I'd put together a collection of images of characters and story lines related to the ROM legacy that have been published this year by Marvel Comics. And let's not forget the DarkStar Winter Guard mini-series which came out in late 2010 with a story line that revolved around an abandoned Dire Wraiths base from ROM's adventures in the Soviet Union. So Marvel has not forgotten about ROM but we just need to goad them into taking that final step.

So in that vein I offer the next installment of my ROM Youtube slide show videos. One more thing, I dropped a package in the mail today consisting of print outs of the submitted fan art as well some other things I wanted to share with Bill Mantlo.


  1. zhaanman, i saw your message on Deviant Art your welcome and thank you for contributing to the video with your awesome Rom vs. Scorpias fan art. i see that you managed to make that into your blogger icon that's cool.

  2. You know it David it was a Joy to help out and to Draw another Rom piece my other with Jack of Hearts was my fave of the time but this turned out Sweet! I had done Many other in the past but my art bag paid and all my markers where stolen!

    Since your goading to do something new especially for such a good cause got me to go and get a few more new markers and fate was in my favor, a art store opened just up the block from me Ha!

  3. Nice video mate - I hadn't seen some of those ROM pics before!

  4. i'm glad to hear that zhaanman! having your inner artist come back to life is a great feeling cause i know what it's like when life ,stress and being burnt out all the time just sucks the creative life from a person.

    well of course not Dan. you know i always keep things interesting. never too much of the same thing mate ya gotta mix it up.

  5. to ever reads this i got alot of rom(space knight)lithographs if you know the value or where to find the value can you help me...thanks rom fam

  6. my email address is let's see what we can do about these lithographs of yours.

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