Monday, December 26, 2011

ROM "The Arrival" re-mastered! It was VHS video before now it's blueray

Most of you will no doubt recognize this illustration from the first page of ROM #1. To refresh your memory: The black n white and unlettered version that you see to your left is a full page from the the Sal Buscema autobiographical book "Fast & the Furious". Interestingly enough this book was published last year and it wasn't published by Marvel. I wonder if they had to get permission to re-print the ROM production art or if the whole licensing thing didn't apply in this case? Now as some of you may have guessed I had some spare time on my hands on X-Mass weekend. This was one of those cases where after opening the image in photoshop I was just screwing around with it and one thing lead to another and before you know it I eventually ended up with what you see above.

Next we kick off the beginning of 2012 with a look at Forge's neutrilizer. But be careful, "you'll shoot your eye out kid."


  1. "Dammit Jim!!!" It had to be said!!!! Man this looks Utterly Fan-Freaking-Tastic!!!! This is and will always be my Favorite Rom drawing and was next on my list after my Scorpius Rom project! But I tell you what I can't match this Digital Masterpiece!!! Brilliant show of color and dramatic Beauty it brings a tear to the eye to see this shot of Rom made even Bolder than the Original in color!!! I say it again, "DAMMIT JIM!!!" I can see why you didn't want to wait!!!! Ha shoot your eye out I love that Ha!!!

  2. Nice. We really need some more fresh Rom fan art around. I gotta get back to actually DOING some myself.

  3. it was the need for fresh Rom fan art that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. i was getting tired of seeing the same old clip art and Bill Mantlo benefit auction pieces used over and over again all over the internet.

    just a heads up folks. next week i'll be featuring some very rare published art of a little known cameo appearance Rom made in the early 80's Contest of Champions mini-series. plus i'll be reviewing Avengers Academy #24 (cont. of the return of Hybrid) when that hits the shelves around the middle of January.

  4. Nice one mate - he actually looks like he's emerging from the flames! That heatwave effect is intense!

    Hope you're seeing the NY in in style! Have a good one

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