Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ROM #32 re-covered by French Illustrator. 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for this blog in just three days!

Last year I made a posting about a re-cover sketch of ROM 32. Little did I know that there was a more finished version of that art work out there or that it was done by a guy in Franch ( Laurent Sieurac). Here, let me jog your memory So anyways, I'm so glad that I found this because this is really a privilege to feature here. This is just all around great art work with everything from the scene composition to the details on Rogue (left click on image) and Sieurac's artistic interpretation of Hybrid. Check out the rest of his work it's really impressive:

Here's a little something I threw into this posting I recently found from Chris Samnee. It's a totally different style as you can see but it's also pretty damn sweet.


  1. Hello...and firt sorry for my poor English!

    Happy that you love this drawing, it was very funny to draw it, quite particularly Hybrid.
    For the curious, there is another Rom on my blog which I had realized For a tribute to Bill Mantlo (but maybe you want to post it here later David?). I liked his run on Hulk (Sal Buscema inked by bill Talaoc was a pure marvel!) and I wanted to make a mixing with Rom.

    About Rom, we are many here in France to wished, as you are, the reprint of this comics which was never published in its totality and which was censored during its publication in France.
    From my part, I am lucky to have been able to bought the completeness of the back issues, but it's a shame that Marvel and Asbro dont want to team-up and reprint it!!



  2. First, That is a fantastic rendition of that scene. Excellent work. Second, I'm curious as to what the French felt they needed to censor.

    1. "censored" may not have translated quite right. after all, we're talking about France not north korea.

  3. Yes, we live in france but you can find here:
    a topic about this "Censorship". All the images showed where deleted or a bit of thoses images where erased. The editor succeed to rewrite some issues by using two # and making only one with them (it's the first exemple of this topic!)

    Rhanks graphics Wiz, glad you like the reimagination!

    1. damnit! the English mode for that site doesn't seem to be working.

  4. Man both of these are such an Amazing find Dave! Thanks for the heads up Wow and Chris Samnee lines in this piece is Mad cool!!